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  1. Hey Stephen, It was the LX49. I'd need to dig out the manual again and try to figure out exactly what the issue was and I'm not able to do that at the moment. From memory the LX49 transmits on one specific (global? rings a bell) channel by default. Once I changed that it all worked fine, just can't remember the details. Sorry man, best I can come up with for now. I'm not near my gear and won't be until the weekend. Good luck! Mark
  2. Hi Bob It turns out my Nektar Impact LX49 was transmitting MIDI on Ch16. It took me a while to figure out how to change that as the manual is a bit vague. I still can't figure out how everything worked in Reason but not standalone or SPlat/CbB while using the same keyboard. Reason must handle MIDI differently somehow All good now but thanks for the offer of help. Cheers Mark
  3. I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help with this. No one on the NI forum has been able to help so far. I bought Komplete 12 last week and I want to get into Reaktor but I can't seem to get any audio from a lot of the ensembles in either standalone mode or inside CbC. It all seems to work fine when I open an instance inside Reason 10 which is really adding to my confusion. I know some ensembles only work when "play" is engaged so it's not that. Kontour works, Mikro Prism and Prism work but the likes of Monark and seemingly everything from the Factory Library don't. I can see MIDI info is being received but no audio comes out. I've googled the problem and although there are some instances of similar issues out there I haven't been able to find anything specific to my problem. I spent some time yesterday afternoon going between standalone, Reason 10 and SPlat. Everything works in Reason. But even when I change ensembles to omni in standalone and CbB there are things that still don't work.........2 Osc, Carbon 2, Carbon etc. And if I change Sonar's MIDI channel to 1 I still get no sound on the offending ensembles. Cheers Mark
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. All suggestions were relevant but Eddie nailed it. One simple little thing like that and I couldn't see it 🙄 Thanks again Mark
  5. Hello folks, I bought Output Exhale a while back and have been using it with no problem at all in Reason 10. I can't for the life of me get it to work in SPlat....eh I mean Cakewalk. I can load Kontakt into a track where I can then assign Exhale but I can not get my keyboard (Impact LX49) to trigger notes. I can trigger notes with the virtual keyboard with Kontakt and my keyboard works with every other VST instrument I've tried. I must admit that since the demise of Cakewalk as a company I had abandoned SPlat and have been playing around in Reason which I've enjoyed immensely. Now that Cakewalk has been resurrected and seems to be supported well by Bandlab I felt it time to jump back in. Over the last few weeks I've gotten back up to speed with the SPlat workflows I use to use but I can't get this one thing to work. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Mark
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