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  1. Hey all, am I crazy or isn't there a keyboard shortcut to insert bars into your project? for instance if I have a finished arrangement and I just want to scoot the whole thing over a measure or two to add an intro? Used to know it but couldn't find it in documentation. Thanks!
  2. Take Omnisphere for example, if I load it as a simple instrument track and want to modulate filter cutoff, it's as simple as enabling host modulation, Omni will assign a number to filter cutoff and then I create an envelope using that number as the mod destination. But if I'm using the synth as a traditional midi source and the midi and audio tracks are separate from each other, enabled mod destinations from Omnisphere don't come up on the list anymore. Is there a way around this?
  3. On simple instrument tracks (like in the screenshot I linked) the gain knob controls midi velocity instead of actual gain. I'm wondering if there is a way to assign that back to gain, or to anything else for that matter. I'm just asking in regards to simple instrument tracks.
  4. exactly what I needed thankyou!
  5. In older versions of sonar I could combine step sequencer notes by holding CTRL while clicking and dragging. That doesn't seem to work anymore, is there a new way to do this?
  6. For what it's worth in case anyone else runs into this cakewalk support got back to me and advised they are unable to help
  7. Hey Richard I think you are looking for the Tempo View. The shortcut is Alt + Shift + 5. Once you have it open hit the Plus symbol in the corner (I have highlighted it in the screen shot) to create a new tempo event. it will ask you the location that you want it start at, and you want to choose the start of your chorus. Then create another event at the end of the chorus to return to your original tempo. if you aren't sure what the tempo should be exactly there is a tap tempo button so that you can tap the tempo out if you have it in your head, and Cakewalk will choose the new tempo for you. hope that helps!
  8. Thanks I have tried both and will let you know of any new developments
  9. Trevor

    How do I register on this forum?

    I'm just hoping to re install my copy of X3. for the vocal/percussion strip, nomad factory blue tools suite, and the VSTs. But i can't get into my cakewalk account and so far I've been unable to reset my password. I thought maybe this was intentional, since the reset password emails don't come through and I haven't gotten a response from emailing customer service.
  10. Hey Wookiee, Sorry I should have specified I can't get into the account because I don't remember the password. (been five years since I signed into it) but when I request the reset email nothing comes to me and I cant email support because you have to be signed in to be able to. I've been trying to get into it for three days. I do still happen to have the product key though, so I thought maybe I could move the program files manually from my old computer to my new one with an external drive. Haven't tried it yet but even if it does work won't I need access to the account to register it with the new computer?
  11. Hey all, I read on one of the FAQs about transferring our old cakewalk purchases to a new accounts in the future if we set this one up with the same email. Is that process in place yet and how do I go about it? I have been using X3 for the past five years, got a new PC this week and went to re-install and noticed I cant get into my old account anymore. I'm sure CbB has plenty of great updates but as far as I can tell I don't see any of the tons of plugins/vsts I have on X3, besides tts the SI suite and sonitus fx (please correct me if I am wrong)
  12. Trevor

    How do I register on this forum?

    Hey Jesse, Once I have created the account with the same email address as my Cakewalk account, how do I complete that transfer of my old cakewalk assets?