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  1. Hi Bandlab team, I find cakewalk by bandlab's 'start screen'->'recent projects' list very useful. I love that I can pin projects I am still working on. Since the list is limited (can it be expanded?), and when the project is completed I would love to see a possibility to remove latter from the listing. Also, I think it would be very helpful to have sort of short description field alongside with a project name in this list. I often start a project, and name it with a dummy name. And I end up with a bunch of unfinished projects in the list with the silly names like, a2.cpw, test.cpw, try_out.cpw etc.. . It is because the proper name usually comes to me when track is finished, often I starting up by testing some ideas, which end up to be a track worth to be working on. Description field would be a big helper to organize work in progress projects, well at least for me. please consider if possible, thanks!
  2. Chez, there is something not quite right with IOTA mini vst, just got the same issue. And in my project I have had exactly 4 instances of iota mini vst3 instrument tracks. Suddenly project cannot be opened anymore unless iota vst is disabled during a safe mode load. :=(
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