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  1. Wow, Apologies for dropping the ball on this one. I was checking the forum here and it looked like my thread was deleted right after I made it so I didn't bother to follow up. ...but then I realized I had checked the old Cakewalk forums. So a big hearty "my bad" there. After spending a decent amount of time with the comp tool, audio snap and snipping out and replacing individual notes to get the playing cleaner I stumbled across the solution and I'm fairly certain I opened up pandora's box of guitar taboo's with this one but, I just recorded it slower then sped it up using groove clip looping. Which gave me EXACTLY what I wanted and took almost no time to do when compared to the other mouse heavy method. Thanks for the suggs if I run into anymore problems I'll give them a shot.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been looking for some resources on tightening up some rhythm guitar parts but for the life of me I can only find drum tutorials using the audiosnap feature. Here is the issue I am having. I am working on a power metal track at just over 200 BPM and i'm finding that even after spending significant amounts of time with the comp tool, many of the 16th note chugs aren't played as evenly as I would like them to be. i.e. compared to rhythm guitar parts on major power metal albums. Much like the process involved in tightening up drums I would like to know if there are any tricks or considerations to tightening up rhythm guitar parts that go beyond just using the comp tool and recording multiple takes. I'm finding using audiosnap even directly on the clean guitar DI's to be EXTREMELY hit or miss when dealing with such small and quick note values and i really don't want to have to program everything in a guitar VST like shreddage.
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