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  1. Speaking as a total amateur who makes music (if you can call it that)  just  for fun all I can say is I think CbB is the best free software I have ever used.  It's *%$&@#!  fantasic!!!

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  2. For a long time I used the on board sound card with headphones. I didn't really see the point in buying a external audio interface as I was only using VST instruments. Then I got a Behringer UMC204HD as it was going cheap on Amazon and the difference when listening through headphones is like tasting the difference between dishwater and orange juice!!! Definitely worth it

  3. Although it looks a driver display problem, I don't think it is. This problem doesn't appear anywhere else in Cakewalk (or Windows). I have removed the card and used the on board display chipset (Intel HD 4600) and the problem is still there. I even used the windows 8.1 Radeon HD 8490 driver which installs fine and runs everything fine except the ACT window. Am I doomed to a life without sliders and knobs!!!

  4. I agree, that is exactly what it looks like, but I have not had an issue like this with any other application. I am using a Radeon HD 8490 with up to date drivers, Windows 10 1903

  5. I have a Nektar Impact LX49+ which I am trying to set up as a control surface. The drivers are installed and Cakewalk can see it. The transport controls work and the pots and sliders move random objects in the plugins. The trouble is when I actually try and map the controls using ACT I get the following window pop up which does not let me select anything .


    Reinstalling the LX49 drivers and Cakewalk has not fixed it

    Any ideas? 

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