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  1. But you will have fun along the way!
  2. As much as I would like to recommend Davinci Resolve, it runs like a dog on my Dell latitude 7490 (i7, 16gb ram, 500gb SSD). Premier Pro (the money hog that it is) runs pretty snapy
  3. Justin Broad

    Asus GTX 1030 $95

    The 1030 series is about 3 years old, you can get cards with passive cooling such as https://www.ebuyer.com/791771-msi-gt-1030-2gb-passive-lp-oc-graphics-card-gt-1030-2gh-lp-oc?gclid=Cj0KCQiA962BBhCzARIsAIpWEL0XX23qudlkA5JOIWKTU2SuMKoWq_suuiPTXOIh3Yz5zmDMvzL1MNUaAijPEALw_wcB. The prices seem to have gone up a bit recently though, but haven't all graphic cards
  4. The English edition is now available https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat-english/
  5. You can also get it via PayPal here - https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat-english/ (although this months edition has not been translated to English yet)
  6. Speaking as a total amateur who makes music (if you can call it that) just for fun all I can say is I think CbB is the best free software I have ever used. It's *%$&@#! fantasic!!!
  7. Epic games have been giving away a free game every Thursday for the last few years, but STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II, along with GTA V has probably been the best so far
  8. Try the WASAPI modes available. I have an ancient laptop that performs pretty well in WASAPI exclusive or shared mode
  9. You could try handbrake - https://handbrake.fr/. Its free, Open Source and is pretty good at converting video footage from one format to another
  10. For a long time I used the on board sound card with headphones. I didn't really see the point in buying a external audio interface as I was only using VST instruments. Then I got a Behringer UMC204HD as it was going cheap on Amazon and the difference when listening through headphones is like tasting the difference between dishwater and orange juice!!! Definitely worth it
  11. Since the upgrade I get the crackling in wasapi shared mode, but switching to wasapi exclusive fixes it
  12. I have see this problem and the only way I could get Cakewalk to export properly again was to restart it
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