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  1. For me, absolutely. It's the the best audio product I've ever bought. Cakewalk has full integration too which really helps. It's a bit of a departure at first, but once you commit to it, it becomes as important as the DAW. The main thing for me was that it stopped me buying countless plugins I didn't need. I choose a few C1 channel strips and learned them well. It makes everything much quicker, and mixing is genuinely more enjoyable. It's hard to conceive what it's like until you have C1 instances all over a project and you can just fly through a mix. This new model should only make things better. Happy to see a new Fader with scribble strips. It was such an oversight not including them on the original version. I'll definitely get that once it comes out. The MKII consoles don't even feel dated at this point, so I'll likely stick with the standard channel for a while, but I'll wait and see.
  2. 'Rent to own' is time limited and ends once you pay off the full cost of the software - essentially like interest free finance. Splice do this with a handful of DAW's and plugins. Traditional subscriptions are eternal.
  3. The Cakewalk team have been outstanding since the inception of CbB. It simply cannot be overstated just how much better Cakewalk is now since the days of X2. I am not joking when I say I used to have one desktop and two laptops running X2 because project files became corrupt every day, and I needed two backup systems to access mixes. It was honestly a nightmare and essentially unusable for heavy, time crititcal projects. X2 forced me learn Reaper. CbB could be better yes, but it's simply a joy to use in comparison to the X series. I'm happy about it going paid, as honestly I didn't feel confident in the longevity of a truly free product and I didn't feel 100% comfortable reporting bugs and suggesting feedback for a free product. Like, what more can I expect for something that is free, and does 90% of what I need, when a lot of the competition is upwards of £300 annually? On the flipside, once it goes paid, there's an added impetus to make things better and get things fixed. I'll feel more comfortable pushing longstanding issues to the team knowing that I'm paying for it, and I mean this in a productive way, not a threatening way. If something goes majorly wrong, which I hope it doesn't, I'll just flip to Reaper full time. In general, it's not a bad idea getting a handle on more than 1 DAW.
  4. This sounds exactly like I hoped it would. Great news. Although I really like Cakewalk for traditional recording and mixing, I've never found it the most intuitive to create electronic pieces from the ground up. I tend to use Bitwig 16 track to get an idea out of my head onto the computer. Will certainly be giving Next a try.
  5. For some reason I assumed these screenshots were of CbB and were just place holders. "exciting, new visual identity" implied to me that the UI overhaul would be more substantial. Really happy about the vector upgrade though. CbB really doesn't look great on a 4K display laptop.
  6. I wonder if Cakewalk NEXT projects will open in Sonar. This would be handy for those who collaborate between Mac & Windows.
  7. Interesting to see Cakewalk Next being offered on MacOS. I can't see SONAR going MacOS any time soon, but it would make a big change to the user base. I wonder if this will see marketing efforts increase, as marketing for Cakewalk by Bandlab was virtually non-existent. It looked like a defunct product from the outside, despite multiple great updates being implemented. Pricing is key, especially when Reaper costs $60/$225. Definitely interested to see what happens.
  8. I agree. I have bounced silence or duff files more times than I can remember, and it is irritating. Having the export module override DAW selection also makes the most sense to me, but the current way of working is so baked in, it will likely cause issues. Export project is a good solution.
  9. I've recorded onto an external SSD for five years and genuinely never had one problem and I back up to two places, backups aren't the problem, I was just curious about why the project didn't update even though I saved multiple times. There was also no audio in the global audio folder, certainly a weird one.
  10. Hi folks, I encountered a really weird issue yesterday. Unsure if it's a Cakewalk issue, SSD issue or both. I took my SSD on location to track drums. I set up the project on my desktop a few days before. Made some tweaks to the project, tracked the drums, saved, all good. Upon getting home and connecting the SSD to my desktop, the audio files weren't there and the project files hadn't updated. I then connected the SSD back to my laptop, the files reappeared in my audio folder, however they weren't in the project, and the project file had reverted to a version from 4 days ago. Connected again to my desktop, and I have the files in the audio folder but not in the project. I dragged the files into the project and everything was really slow and the audio engine was dropping out constantly. Made a new project, dragged the files in and everything is good. So no dramas, but just generally a really strange issue, ive never had files disappear and reappear in a drive, and have Cakewalk basically half save a project. Can anyone shed any light? Cheers
  11. Their Bus Processor is the first plugin I've bought in two years, it really is great. The Chandler Zener-Bender & British Class A strips have been my staples for a while now. Highly recommended.
  12. Yes, this was the cause of the biggest issue I've had with Cakewalk, which are somewhat similar to OP's. The inputs and outputs of some aux tracks were all over the place. For example, my 'bass master' aux input was set to a guitar delay send, instead of 'bass master'. It would make Cakewalk hard quit upon trying to playback.
  13. I have noticed there's an issue with hidden tracks appearing in the console view, even when set to stay in sync with track view. I'm sure @msmcleod indicated somewhere that there's some things being fixed for the next build.
  14. It's a minor annoyance but I agree. The export panel is great in general, but I can't tell you how many times I've exported tracks and stems with a big bit of silence at the end.
  15. Yeah, you can freeze aux tracks. You can either blanket replace busses with aux tracks and implement a record/archive/freezing workflow, or you can send your busses to another track that then points to your mix bus. For example, collect all of your drum tracks and effects in a bus called 'Drum Master' and send this to an aux track called 'Drums print'. You can then record this aux track and disable the effects chain on 'Drum Master' and mute it. This is slightly quicker than freezing the aux. Idea, it would be nice if everything that sent to an aux track automatically archived once that aux track was frozen.
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