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  1. One example would be putting rhythm guitars and/or keys 100% wide once a track hits the chorus to open things up. It's a bit tough to envisage if you don't use grouping, but once you see the benefits control groups brings, you quickly encounter the irritation of automation not following the group Back to the original question, nested folders and enhanced export feature were two of my main asks and they have been implemented which is great. The only other bigger ask is an update to external insert functionality, I'm aware this isn't easy though. Other nice to haves would be bounce in place function a consolidated way of enabling/disabling/removing plugins when opening a project, especially in safe mode.
  2. Press F10 until the erase tool changes to 'M' and then click the note you want to mute. The colour will be stripped from the note once muted.
  3. Aux tracks and busses are an option, but not ideal, sometimes I like to send my channels and FX returns to different places, so routing them to the same aux/bus doesn't work for me unfortunately. For example, I like to have a single fader controlling my snare bus, snare verbs and snare parallel compression, this way I can make sure that reverb levels and compression levels stay consistent as I dip and raise the snare level throughout a mix. However, sometimes I'll route my drum FX returns to a drum FX bus, and channels to a standard drum bus. This lets me compress/saturate the drum submix without affecting the reverb. VCA's give you control without altering the routing. I agree with @Base 57, if Cakewalk groups followed automation, everything would be sorted.
  4. Light Grenade

    Issue with template

    Hi folks, I have already filed this with support, but I'm yet to hear back, so I thought I'd check if anyone here has encountered this issue. I have been working off a new template, and have noticed 5 mixes into a new album, that no audio is saving to the respective audio folder, after saving a standard CWP. I have replicated the issue on both my laptop and desktop PC. I have also tried saving the original template as CWP, saving to a new location, and saving as a CWP before importing audio. The problem still persists. Furthermore, any time I open the template, the 'Find missing audio' box appears, even though there is no missing audio to be found. I can't get rid of this box. I'm thinking this might be something to do with the issue? The clean audio folder option is greyed out in utilities. Any help would be great, as I don't fancy starting these 5 mixes from scratch unless I can help it. Cheers
  5. I personally prefer low contrast, flatter UI's. They are easier on my eyes for longer mixing sessions. Would be nice to have it switchable though!
  6. Excellent update, really great new features. I prefer the new GUI too.
  7. A great update to an already great product. Cakewalk is fully integrated with the Console One ecosystem and it's a dream to mix with, looking forward to giving this a shot.
  8. Perhaps I am misunderstanding you. However, like I stated, you can totally ignore the use of busses and only use aux tracks for submixing. This for one solves the issue of the busses being in a different section of the mixer panel. Aux tracks can be placed wherever you want. If you choose to only use aux tracks, the process would be the video below. All selected tracks feed to the aux track, and the aux track feeds to the master channel. Are you looking for essentially this, but instead of the aux automatically routing to the master, the new aux track routes to where the tracks where originally pointing? So, for example, if you have three tracks routing to a 'Drum Submix', you can route these channels to a new aux track, and this aux track automatically routes to the original 'Drum Submix'? Aux track group.mp4
  9. I have just checked this, and you can send the output of any bus to the input of any aux track. Furthermore, you can send the output of any aux track to the input of another aux track. I have all my kicks sending to a kick aux, and the kick aux then sending to a drum bus aux. In some cases I have chains of 3 or 4 aux tracks. It definitely works.
  10. Use aux tracks instead of busses and Cakewalk will do exactly the same thing. You can totally ignore the bus pane if you want to, and do all your submixing and fx sends with aux tracks.
  11. Agreed. Additionally when opening in safe mode, it's usually one plugin causing issues, rather than a certain instance of that plugin, so generating a list of plugins in the project you can turn off one by one (rather than clicking through each instance) would be great. I opened up an older project last week and it took me a good few hours to find out an analysis plugin on a bus was holding up the entire project.
  12. Hi folks, Running into an issue here. I have loaded a bunch of files into a new project for mixing, and as standard I have selected 'Save as' and then 'Copy all audio with project' to the save the project and files to my drive. The project folder is created as standard along with the audio and audio export folder, however the audio files aren't being copied over. The standard windows progress dialog box isn't appearing and upon opening the project again, everything is being replaced with silence as Cakewalk can't find the files. All the paths are correct in the save as dialog box, and no files are going to the audio data folder. I have tried this a few times with different names and locations, but I can't get the files to copy. I'm on the latest build, 2021.11 Has anyone encountered this before? Looking for some help here before I file a support ticket. Cheers
  13. Really great update overall. I have saved hours of work with the new export panel and tab to transient improvements makes drum editing infinitely easier. However, I have encountered a few potential bugs. I set up a task list which consisted of a main mix, stems and tracks through entire mix and left my PC for a few hours. Upon returning back, the tracks task seemed to have restarted and was rendering everything again. I checked the explorer and all the tracks had already been successful exported, yet Cakewalk was still exporting stuff, not sure where they were going or why. Additionally, after cancelling the export queue, I was unable to archive any of my tracks or folders, the archive button was just unresponsive. I closed and opened the session and everything was back to normal. I will log a ticket if this hasn't been picked up on already. One more thing, I tried to export stems in real time as 'tracks through entire mix' (I use aux tracks instead of busses) but this just bounced silence due to using an external insert on the mix bus. I'm aware this is a side effect of how the external insert works in Cakewalk, but it might be wise to flag users should turn off any external insert before bouncing tracks through entire mix. These are minor peeves though, Cakewalk has really came on leaps and bounds recently. It's really great to work on. Amazing work from the team!
  14. This has been implemented in the latest early access update. Happy days!
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