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  1. Thanks for the mention @Starship Krupa!
  2. Fortunately, I can't say I've ever experienced that, and I use it pretty relentlessly.
  3. Check out The Normalizer by HorNET, it can do auto-normalizing with the grouping function. Low-cost and fast. I use it all the time.
  4. Thanks @scook. I managed to generate a DMP and have sent it on to support.
  5. Yeah, everything loads when bypassing them all. I forgot I hadn't updated the initialization file on this system, thanks for reminding me. I will give that a shot.
  6. Hi folks What do we think about adding the task queue to the 'bounce to tracks' function? It's only available in export at the moment. I'll sometimes bounce busses, or sum a lot of signals to cut down on tracks and preserve CPU. It would be helpful to have this feature here as I could save a preset to bounce all my main busses to pre-made tracks in one go. There is the option of recording into aux tracks, which I do a lot, but some plugins oversample/work at a higher quality during offline bounce. Cheers
  7. Hi folks, A latest project, which is very big, has run into a plugin issue and hard quits when trying to open. I have tried to identify the problem with safe mode by disabling any plugins I think could be problematic, namely plugins I haven't got on other projects, or plugins I rarely use. In safe mode, the program quits at the same point every time. I have tried disabling the 5 plugins directly before the crash, yet the crash still happens. Does anyone know if a crash occurring at the same time means anything? I've never run into Cakewalk hard quitting during safe mode. Cheers
  8. Thanks for this. This will help when trying pinpoint what plugin is stopping a project from opening. Should cut down the time it takes clicking through yes and no to each plugin.
  9. Thanks very much. I looked for a dump file before but nothing was there. I made your suggested changes and a dump file has been created - I'll send over to support.
  10. I'm getting some crashes on the latest release. The program is just hard quitting when I'm doing things like changing routing, adding aux tracks, and trying to play back a project. This is occuring with zero plugins in the project. It's mostly happening when trying to send multiple (+4) tracks to the same aux or when playing a back a project i'm just setting up. It is limited to this new project, and the only thing different about this project is the new tracks I added to my template 5 minutes prior. I'm going to zip this project to cakewalk support, but has anyone experienced anything similar? 2023-01-10 14-36-10.mkv
  11. Yeah, that be the quickest solution. I think it also makes sense to insert aux tracks the same way as a bus. I guess this is a wider issue about how the menus are implemented, breaking it down into a few flyouts could help save time. Another one is the 'delete send' button being at the very bottom of the send menu. It would make more sense to place it at the top.
  12. I like to go EQ > Comp > EQ again if needed. All time-based effects at the end. Also, great point by @Lord Tim, you can normally get away with cutting up to 200/300hz on your reverb/fx send.
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