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  1. IMO Melodyne is not so good for timing corrections, because its transient detection is very poor (like with most music software) and has to be corrected manually. This is also true for AudioSnap, but in Melodyne it is very difficult or almost impossible to find the note start in some cases (e.g. with notes that are played in short intervals the blobs are almost joint together), because the blobs are not so informative like the wave form. In such cases I could find the note start precisely with AudioSnap.
  2. I solved the problem. I tried to fix the problem in a number of ways, but nothing helped. No more responses from support. Yesterday I was searching the internet again to find a solution. I came across a thread (not in this forum) where someone had trouble activating CbB with the Assistant (2018). All the way down this long thread the guy said he had fixed it, but did not know the reason. But one thing he had listed seemed interesting for me: He created a new administrator user to install BA. Although my case was different, I gave it a try. And really with the new administrator user I could use BA without pain! I don't care about the reason, it is most important to me that I could install CbB with new activation. By the way lately I installed a new version of another free program, Audacity. I downloaded the zip file, extracted the program to my former location, started it and all was fine! I know, that's the old way we installed programs and plugins, but it is so much easier and hassle-free IMHO! Today developers make installing more and more sophisticated! Chapman
  3. Thanks for your response! I get the blank screen with BA, the first time when it is started during the installation process. When I quit BA with the icon on the task bar and restart it, it is the same just a blank white hole on my screen. So I cannot do anything. I looked in the BA folders under AppData if there is some information or log file, but there is only a log file folder. Thanks for the tip with the "Refresh Activation" menu item in BA, but as I told you I cannot use BA.
  4. I did on the 30 October. But no result until now, just the usual advices to re-download, reinstall, use administrator rights to run.
  5. I hoped that the new BandLab Assistant 5.1.1 would solve my problem (blank screen). But still no chance to come around that activation s... since the end of October. I had uninstalled both the Assistant and CbB and tried to reinstall BA endless times. But now I have no more ideas! ☚ī¸
  6. I had opened a support request and received an e-mail. Support proposed to redo the uninstall/fresh install and then set administrator right to BA. So far no success, nothing has changed, just a blank screen. This is possible, if you are using more than one computer or if you copy the Cakewalk installer/updater from a friend. Secondly I could live without an update for some time, but this thing with the 6 months demo mode is nasty! Also, because I have no internet in my recording room, always have to move the pc into the house!
  7. Thanks Promidi, this is good information. Just now I have checked the graphics driver(s) and "unfortunately"😀 all is up-to-date. So I will play a little bit with the graphics settings. Maybe I find something.
  8. Hi, Some days ago I tried to use CbB on my recording machine, but no luck, it said "Activation required". Yes, I know I have to use the Assistent (what a misleading name!) to reactivate. Because my computer is normally not at the internet (even away from the house) I delayed my actions. Today I decided to solve the problem. But no way, after hours of frustration I don't get the BandLab Assistent to run properly. It just displays a white empty Window and then nothing more happens. I tried to reinstall the newest version several times, repaired the Microsoft C++ Redistributables as recommended, updated Windows 7, changed/disabled the Windows firewall and the antivirus program, ... Then when I tried to reinstall the newest version of Java I was surprised that the Oracle installer also didn't display any text, just an empty dialog with title and unlabeled buttons. Nevertheless I managed to install Java. But concerning the BandLab Assistent I am at my wits end!! 😟 Maybe anyone else has an idea what is wrong? Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (updated), AMD FX-8300 black (8 cores), 3.3 GHz, 12 GB Kingston ValueRAM, GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 with integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics, Intenso SSD 512 GB, Seagate Barracuda 7200. By the way I am using an ASUS monitor connected with HDMI. Is this a problem?
  9. If you have made a Simple Instrument Track, then first split the instrument track (right click the track > Split Instrument Track). Then set the interleave button of the audio track to mono. Now you can use the Pan control to set the stereo position of your frequency or use Pan Automation to change the stereo position of your sound over the time!
  10. This^ I think especially the audio engine needs some work that it performs less resource hungry. I like Cakewalk, it is surely the best DAW and even free. Congratulation to this successful year and thanks for the user enquiries. I am impressed of your ear to the user community .
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