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  1. Hi guys. I'm struggling figuring out how to hear the original TAKE LANE sound while recording the second TAKE LANE. For some reason, the main drum track does not play (muted) while I am trying to record the new take lane. Any thoughts on how to fix this one?
  2. Hi all. I'm having a problem with Stylus RMX. When I am trying out new beats to put into my project, they are not playing in sync with the song. If I drag the loop into the project and play it, everything sounds and plays in sync, but one of the very nice things about Stylus is that it lets you click on the Elements while your project is playing in Sonar so that you can listen to how it sounds and try many different elements quickly. With the elements playing out of sync, this feature is basically eliminated. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thoughts on how I can fix? Thanks in advance! chez
  3. Thanks for the reply, Mark. Yours were both good tips, but in my case, not the problem. I have figured out what I was doing wrong, so I thought i'd share with the group in hopes of saving future frustrated friends. Very simply, if you click the RECORD button on the lane, it will mute out the other lanes. If you click the record button on the parent track, then you will here all un-muted lanes associated with that track while recording the take. Thanks again! chez
  4. Hi guys Sorry for what is probably a very basic question, but I can't figure it out. Here is my problem. I am recording a midi track (using Omnisphere FYI). I wish to record multiple lanes for a particular sound I am using. I have recorded Lane 1 and like how it sounds. Now I want to record Lane 2 but when I try to record, I can no longer hear Lane 1. Sonar seems to be muting Lane 1 while I record, despite the fact that I have not clicked MUTE. I am able to record Lane 2 if I wish without listening to Lane 1, and on play back, I can hear both lanes. Is there a simple feature that I have not enabled here? Thanks is advance for your help. chez
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