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    "The Arrival"

    great work very powerful thanks for sharing eric
  2. hi guys thanks for listening and comments https://www.bandlab.com/fmmfmm/photogenic-dove-1-d19ec?revId=7f9cdc3d-a41e-e911-9f2a-00155d7803f0
  3. hi Dave this some really good stuff piano is awesome tone is encredible thanks eric
  4. hi noel this brings back memorys love this stuff great job thanks eric
  5. thank you David, Skyline, will, Bob Oister, Daryl, Wookee for listening and kind words and comments hey bob I was listening to some of your tunes really nice stuff great sounding production james I agree I need to make drums less generic I wish I could play that sax no that's not me for sure thanks again guys eric
  6. jamming with my friends
  7. eric chevrier

    Vivid Skys

    test new forum for songs https://www.bandlab.com/fmmfmm/vivid-skys-6f756?revId=9c33ee25-6005-e911-9f2a-00155d77cb96
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