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  1. hi guys  I did 2 things I rolled back bandlab update 4 and I did a system restore june 30th and so far no crashes this is a new ssd drive its a fairly new fresh install so that date was the closes to the fresh install and jam origin is working great so far update five was acting strange at times I know windows 2004 failed for me so maybe the two are the problem!!! thanks eric  

  2. thanks for responding I found midi dumps but no current date as per today I had 5 crashes could not even get the start window key to get me to restart I check jam origin and they said bandlab works great with it I downloaded the rollback update 4 ill see what happens with that you would think there would be a dump file !!! what happens suddenly I get this white hazy scene then I have to do a hard shutdown thanks for your help guys eric

  3. hi guys I am getting hard crashes were I have to do a hard shut down  this is running jam origin vianna vcl a couple of plugins now windows 2004 failed for me so I don't know if this is the problem but how do you roll back from 5 update to earlier updates thanks eric

  4. I have this issue as well I have noticed at times if say you drag a midi file in sometimes it makes a double file !!!! this midi you did in another program I am beta testing scaler2 using bandlab sustain is overwhelming not saying its bandlab but it seems to be worst when using scaler thanks eric

  5. how does one roll back to 2019.12  I tried in bandlab assistant nothing then I tried to un install and it says uninstall program missing I am getting some crashes not blue screen but I have to manually shut down any thought thanks eric 

  6. On 6/7/2019 at 10:46 PM, Kenny Wilson said:

    Hi Guys ,

    I will not rest until I get Crowned as The New King of the  Elevator  Guitar players ...( I'm only kidding or am I ...hhhmmmm ) 

    Here is some smooth Bop inspired lines I played on my guitar over a laid back Twanger Central BT ...

    I hope you fall asleep lol I mean I hope you enjoy my guitar playing and lines .





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