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  1. The Roland, hui, mackie control are very deep. EUCON is supported: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/20080104/EUCON-Control-Surface-Plug-in All the best.
  2. Mackie Control manual: https://mackie.com/sites/default/files/PRODUCT RESOURCES/MANUALS/Owners_Manuals/MCU_Pro-XT_Pro_OM.pdf Mackie Hui: https://supportloudtech.netx.net/loud-public/#/asset/9795
  3. If we take an original Mackie Hui vs a Mackie Control. What are the main features of each. And in what do they differ?
  4. Just dissappinted i now cannot work on phrasing in a analytical way like you can do with midi drumming for instance.
  5. I will try the notes tab and see what I come up with. to be continued.
  6. Can you install a videocard? Does the system have free pci express slots to go that route?
  7. I had my trackview open. Opened lyrics. Went to midi track to see the lyric. Left was the arranger block overview. Above timeline ruler and arranger track. The first 3 blocks were named Intro, precursor and verse. I went to the start of these arranger blocks and at that time I gave in that name in the lyrics page. At playback these words were moved, and did not align with the timeline ruler when moved to the start of each blok of the arranger track.
  8. I am using an arranger track. The timeline (and exact time) wich can be seen moving in the track window, cannot be seen in the lyrics page. If the colours of the arranger track would be visible and/or time, you could adjust words/phrasing according to music.
  9. Above is from the X2 manual. looks to me like it was more like, you create lyrics and notes. And as a bonus from the lyrics page you can grab the lyrics and print them. Instead of being integral part of a structural sing a song writers tool.
  10. Adding and editing lyrics in the Lyrics view (Taken from the online x2 Sonar manual) Lyrics appeal in the Lyrics view as a stream of syllables, each one associated with a note in the track. In this context, a syllable is any continuous string of characters, without a hyphen. For example, “love,” “desire,” and “infatuation” are all syllables; each one would be associated with a single note. If you want to break a word into multiple syllables, you must hyphenate the word. For example, “de-sire” would map onto two notes, since it is now two syllables long. When you enter the lyrics, you can mark the syllables the way you want, or you can simply type the text in normally and use automatic hyphenation to break the text into syllables. This means that you can add lyrics to a project by copying and pasting them from another application (such as a word processor), and then hyphenate them automatically. To extend a single syllable over more than one note, you can use extra hyphens, separated by spaces. For example, in “Oh-say can you see…”, the “Oh” is extended over two notes. If a track contains no lyrics yet, the display will show only a series of hyphens (one for each note in the track). If you enter more syllables than there are notes in the track, SONAR assigns the extra lyrics times at quarter note intervals. To enter lyrics in the Lyrics view 1. Click in the upper left corner of the view to position the cursor at the start of the text. 2. Follow the instructions in the table: Table 201. To do this Do this Enter a word or syllable Type it End a word or syllable and move to the next note Type a space or hyphen Break a line for easier viewing Press ENTER To edit lyrics in the Lyrics view Editing in the Lyrics view follows standard Windows conventions for cursor movement, selection, cut (CTRL+X), copy (CTRL+C), paste (CTRL+V), and delete (DELETE). When you pause, SONAR will update all Lyric events in the track. To hyphenate the lyrics 1. If you want, select a portion of the lyric text. If you do not select any text, all the lyrics will be hyphenated. 2. Click the Lyrics view Font menu and choose Hyphenate. SONAR hyphenates the lyrics.
  11. (Taken from the X3 Sonar manual) Entering Lyrics From the Staff View. Cakewalk has the ability to add lyrics directly to the Staff View. To do so, select the Pencil tool and move the cursor underneath the lowest note on the staff. Continue to move the cursor down until the pencil appears with a capital "T" next to it; then click.
  12. Why doesn’t the place of the text align with minutes and sofort? Is there a way to adjust this?
  13. I would have loved to cycle any part and play bass and sing untill it fits. While working on the lyrics page so the lyrics fit. But I must say. It feels alien to the song.
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