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  1. Well actually wondering if Cakewalk had an Android app but touchdaw looks cool. WSS
  2. Anybody know of Cakewalk by bandlab can be controlled by an Android pad? Thanks WSS
  3. Thank you sir. I did find the smoother , it's not bad, just a little bit one-dimensional. WSS
  4. Hi guys is there a good deesser in Cakewalk by bandlab? Where do I find it. Thank you. WSS
  5. Stephen Simmons

    Finding RMS

    Hi everybody. In bouncing down multiple tracks to one stereo track for export to a mastering program how do I tell what the RMS of that track is? And what should ideally be pre mastering? Are there different schools of thought as to that? I realize there are different opinions on mastering levels. -1? -3? -5 or 10? Thank you. WSS
  6. Thank you sir! Oddly enough after 32 years I have never used that feature. WSS
  7. I have a song with an intro of 90 BPM and then it changes to 120 BPM can I change in the middle of a project? Thank you. WSS
  8. I export multiple tracks Austin oh, it works great. What I usually do is drag all of the tracks that I want to export toward the top and then just click and drag down to the bottom one that I want to export. Sometimes there are many tracks so what I'm wondering is there a way to select only some of them and export in a batch? For instance track 1 2 3 5 7 10 11 12? Is there a way to select those individually? Or must I just put them together? I tried meeting the tracks I didn't want but it still exported a blank file for each of them. Thank you. WSS
  9. Hope I'm describing this properly. In the process of expanding a track Place the cursor at the bottom of the track and drag it down to expand and drag it up to compress. There have been occasions when this doesn't work at all the courser changes its look as it should but the track will neither expand nor compress. My work around is to save the project close it and reopen. At this point the expansion / compression of the track View works just fine. Anybody else noticed that? Thanks. WSS
  10. I can't seem to find one in dimension Pro but does anybody use one that they like? Free? Cheap? Reasonable? WSS
  11. I've never had a problem with Dimension Pro until I reinstalled 1.5 and downloaded and set up the expansion packs from the Cakewalk support page. I double click install it into a project as a simple instrument track but when I double click to select a patch preset it freezes up. I can click on the little arrow at the left of that panel and it will drop down and show six or seven patches I can select but that's it. Anybody familiar with this and have a clue what to do? Thank you all. WSS
  12. Hi guys. If I remember correctly I saw some discussion of syncing up a Harmony with a weed Vocal Track. Not sure if it was in velodyne or some other FX? Anybody remember that? WSS
  13. I'm sure I have some old disks laying around. WSS
  14. Yes I had forgotten all about the expansion packs. I had them on my old system I wonder if I can still download them from somewhere? WSS
  15. Does anybody know exactly which of the Hammond style organs in dimension Pro can trigger the Leslie effect from the midi wheel? Also can I transpose a dimension Pro sound from the dimension Pro page or must I use the transpose settings on the keystation 88? Thank you again. WSS
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