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  1. I've been a CW user so far back that I can't remember when I started, but it was before Pro Audio when it was just numbers. I think it was maybe 2 or 3. I NEVER had any real problems before, but I'm having an issue that I can re-create every single time now. I can load a full project or just a stereo file and after I press start then stop four times, the meters freeze and the program is locked. Now I can do this in the same location on the time line or I can move the cursor in different places, but after the 4th time it locks up! I have re-installed the program and even gone back to Sonar Platinum. I've also deleted all CW registry entries before re- install. Same issue, same way every time! I removed all plugins and made sure that CW didn't scan or load them in the program itself. Now I also use the Harrison Mixbus32c on this box. Same hardware, same everything and it runs top to bottom no problem. The same with Sound forge no problem. CW has always been my favorite production tool and I enjoy mixing in it as well. I mixed a single with this exact box and CW with 70+ tracks no problem. I don't want to give up on my favorite DAW, but I'm a working musician and I need it to work. HELP if you can .... Thanks System: Intel i5 3750k 3.4ghz, 24g Kingston Ram, 64bit Op, Nvidia GT1030 as well as intel video on processor (not using ) Audio is on it's on drive, Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40FW
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