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  1. Thanks for the feedback! That's a great point - the transition is quite stark between the intro, breaks and outro with that clean to distorted change. I'll have a look at that 🙂
  2. A song about an Assassin. Looking for feedback
  3. Cheers, the drums are definitely a bit rock like. I need to learn a few more fills and beats. I chose a 'classic drum machine' on my iPad to plug the drums into but still used a classic rock beat when playing
  4. Thanks! appreciate the tips. I'll mess around with the levels on the kick. I've only been learning drums a while and definitely need to learn more beats and fills! The VoxFX is something I played with to compensate for singing skill but it does have a downside as you're right it is somewhat in your face
  5. Hi there, I'm using an Ashton Rhythm VX electric drum set plugged into an iPad Mini so it basically takes MIDI in and you can choose a selection of drum types. I may not have chosen quite the right ones! I've worked on more pieces since this one to get the panning a bit better 🙂
  6. From a mix, arrangement or really anything perspective. Very mild explicit language warning (Rap lyrics over guitar, bass, drums, synth)
  7. I did this in 90 minutes including all drums, guitar, bass and on-screen keyboard in Garageband on an iPad mini. What do you think? What suggestions do you have regarding the mix/panning/levels? Cheers!
  8. Using my own loops. I'll record the verse section and then copy and paste it to the other verse sections, same with the chorus
  9. Really appreciate all the tips - this is so helpful! I am going to work a lot more on panning and think about whether there is too much in the mix. Need to mess around with EQ more th an I have been.
  10. Should the melody be panned? Are there too many competing bits? Looking for feedback. Thanks!
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