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  1. I've been using Sonar since 2009. I was a Platinum user when the product was abandoned, and I very much appreciate how Bandlab rescued it. But I am dismayed and concerned by the latest update for May 2021. The write-up seems to suggest that I will have to ask Bandlab's permission every time I use Cakewalk, and that Bandlab will take an ongoing record of my use of the application. For me, this is an invasion of privacy too far. How and when I use my DAW is nobody's business but mine, and frankly that principle is worth more to me than the cost of finding, and the learning curve of switching to an alternative product. I hope that Bandlab can assure me that I won't have to 'reactivate' the software every time in other words, I have no desire to notify Bandlab when I choose to compose a piece. If that assurance cannot be given, then sadly, my search for an alternative workstation must begin.
  2. As you were. I updated from Bandlab Assistant and it's all working now. Thanks to those involved.
  3. I have the same problem - Mix Recall buttons greyed out and drop-down "save mixscene" does nothing. I ran an update, and ws told "You are up to date! is the latest available version." So I'm afraid the update hasn't worked for me. Pity, as I was hoping to use this on a particularly complex project at the moment.
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