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  1. Kind of slow, but here you are the direct link to the free pack, so you can do a single "purchase" instead of 6: https://soundprops.com/jam_pack/ Sometimes the downloads would stop and I had to resume them, or retry downloading. To me it was worth it, even when I own SD3 and several SDX etc (ofc there is no comparison in a way, but for a very tiny bit of the size of a 100 Gb library this whole pack again, it's so worth it).
  2. These feel like stealing, very good quality I believe. They really thought through to make them very playable. Even the TELE sounds like a Tele. For the drums they give you 2 keys for each tom, kick, snare, hihats 3 positions, so it doesn't sound like a robot. LOVE this kit. (choke for the 2 cymbals it comes with, wow, ride bell tip and edge, crash edge too. For free? wow. (bonus: claps and shaker, uff). Legato on guitars sounds pretty good, Alabama I think it's better than the Alhambra, but that's just me I think (bass and the tele have legato too) BASS: Oh lord, they somehow fixed what others cannot replicate: Same note repetition: They give you 3 keys! not 2, but 3 so you play the consecutively after your desired one and it repeats it, or said different, they repeat the last note you played (it seems it uses the borrow the neighbor note technique). Tone and body is pretty good. Overall I think this deserves an 8.5 out of 10 (and that's just because recording quality wise maybe there is room for improvement), paid for or not.
  3. Evil Dragon is the best Forumist in the world (sorry Fleer, you are close 2nd) 🥰, and if ED confirmed stuff on the VI Control thread, that is enough for me to stay away forever. Specially if this behaviour has continued for years and years.
  4. We are not milking cows. If devs can't keep up with the change of times, they better change career. Softube and Toontrack are awesome, very expensive, and are Silicon Native compatible. (I have lots of their stuff but they were a gift). And I don't hear them complaining (nor Reaper, nor Steinberg Cubase, etc, etc). And not everyone lives in USA or Europe (and not all Europe earns decent dough). With 29 bucks I can white rice with salt for... 8 months (if that's all I ate). If all companies went subscription mode, even if they promised updates... we would have WW III, lol
  5. Not silicon compatible. In other words Cubase 12 won't load them because they are Intel architecture.
  6. Is Mark Studio 2 discontinued? I've been waiting for ages now to be updated, it doesn't even have vst3 💔 EDIT: And writing support doesn't yield any replies whatsoever ...
  7. Sweet. If you could elaborate, that would be neat. I have the Focusrite one (don't we all 😎)
  8. You are a smart guy 😎 (and RSMcGuitar) Me too btw X)
  9. OMG! I want the last Console one, 9000 J? Or is it the AMEK one?
  10. And so the King begins the year! Happy new one! And thanks for it all. 🥰
  11. This little bugger is very interesting, random presets ad nauseam (and like 3 or 4 different sounds, maybe more), apparently uses ADSR to create them. Also think that this one and Xperiments' recent one (Dark Sky Audio), which I find beyond stellar, could be edited with your own samples, achieving probably infinite sounds as you have time to tinker.
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