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  1. Thanks guys, I didn't realise it was that easy. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, We have a CWP template that we use to make backing tracks for our band. Our mixer is a Soundcraft UI24R and the template interfaces with it reasonably well. I found that a Cakewalk VST I had set up is pretty much redundant and I'd like to swap it over to another one, i.e. SI Bass Guitar. Because of the way I have set the template up is complex ( for me anyway ), is it possible to 'swap' the CWBBL Electric piano for CWBBL Bass guitar? I really don't want to mess with my template by deleting Channel 3 and making a new channel because frankly, I can't remember how the hell I set this all up! 😪 ( no laughing please - I'm in my 70s ) If you need me to attach the CWP template, I am happy to, but it only works with the Ui24R plugged in along with its setup to accept this template. Many thanks in advance. Harley
  3. Thanks Lord Tim, but those didn't get the setting back. Harley
  4. My post was confusing sorry. On the right panel I showed what came up when I used google. It was the google answer that showed 'Balanced' and not my laptop. I run the laptop on 'Performance' I don't get a 'High performance' option, so I guess 'Performance' is the best I can get.
  5. Mmm...that's an option. How do you disable virus scanning on Cakewalk? Is there a particular folder, ie. the programme folder or do youi need to include all the folders that have the CWP files etc? I'm not IT savvy sorry. Harley
  6. Just to show how well I suck with IT matters, would upgrading to Windows 11 fix the problem do you think?
  7. Thanks rsinger. Well, this is a bit weird. I looked up google to see how to check that usb devices are set so they don't power down. It seems I don't get that option at all 😩
  8. Done! Didn't make any difference however 😩
  9. Thanks scook. In that case, the track that set this whole post off does not have a synth. I deleted all the tracks we normally mute and just had drums and bass ( all MIDI ) - still got the message from LatencyMon that the system appears to be having trouble. However where I used to get pops etc, I couldn't hear those any more. I am inclined to think that my laptop settings/hardware need to be optimised, but I'm a little too scared to go altering things as IT is about as foreign as flying a helicopter to me. Cheers, Harley
  10. I checked the same track not using the SSD-5 VST - still got this;
  11. Hi John, thanks for that. I will have to learn to 'freeze' tracks - never done that before. This main offending track is mostly drums though. There are guitar, vocal guide and bass tracks, but I have these muted. Does mute have the same effect as Freeze? I am using Steve Slate SSD-5 Free VST for drums and doubling the drum track so I can use cakewalk's Std Drum set ( with a drum map ) to pick out the percussion.
  12. Hi Mark, I ran LatencyMon ( I guess that's what you were referring to ) and here's the screen shot with buffers at 2048. This was with that particular offending track running.
  13. Hi Mark, Here are my power settings. I couldn't see where you could manipulate the CPU min/max at 100% though Thanks rsinger. I have all other windows turned off....usually, but your point is probably valid as I didn't take any notice of what else was running at the time as we weren't gigging thank goodness. Excuse my lameness here but how do you optimise the machine for audio? Good point also about app updates in the background. I'll check that out also. Harley
  14. Thanks Mark, We hardly ever record on Cakewalk, we just produce MIDI tracks as backing tracks for our band Pepa-Jak. Our live recording is done through our Soundcraft Ui24R. Having said that we're about to do some recording of backing vocals and percussion. You mentioned the CPU not having enough time to process. Is it time to upgrade perhaps? Currently ASUS ROG STRIX G15
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