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  1. Steve Slate SSD5 vst Drum Roll please ...😁
  2. Agree - must be user error - I still can't get it to work the way you suggest, but I could do it with Scott's method. Another band member knows CbB quite well so I will see if he knows what I am doing wrong. Thanks for helping anyway.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to help me. These are interesting points and good advice. Cheers - Harley
  4. Thanks - yes I looked at that. Increasing the volume through the SSD5 kit changed the character of the sound which I didn't want to do, just simply wanted more volume as I originally had it set. Scott's solution worked the best, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind for a couple of other tracks I need to tweak. We use CbB as our backing track for our group.
  5. Hi all, How is it possible to change the velocity of one of the drum instruments, for example a snare, for the whole track. In this song, I am wanting the snare to have more presence compared to the rest of the kit. If I select the midi line/note that the snare is assigned to, it highlights but when I move into the velocity section and use Smart Select, I can only move one 'hit' at a time. How can I move ALL the note velocities for just the snare up ( say ) 5dB ? Thanks - Harley
  6. Thanks guys for taking the time to make your input - I feel a song coming on here - "The Down-Under FLAC-WAV blues" 🤪
  7. Thanks for that. I may as well set the Ui24R to WAV24 then
  8. Hi all, With the Soundcraft Ui24R, our band is able to record individual tracks onto USB. We also use CBB as backing tracks for drums and brass and patch that to the Ui24R when we perform. We're wanting to use the recordings of our VOX and instruments taken from the Ui24R and blend these with the backing tracks to make Cakewalk files we can use to mix mp3s for our web-site. The Ui24R has various file recording possibilities, including WAV and FLAC. The default is FLAC, but I am wondering which would be best and clearest to import into CBB? The other choices are OGG, MP3 ( which we won't use for importing ) and AIFF. What would you recommend? Many thanks Harley
  9. Thanks John, I actually have Xpand 2. I'll give it a burst. Cheers - Harley -
  10. Thanks Lord Tim. Running to a CbB buss is not an option as I want to get the separate drum instruments out to our Ui24R ( Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi-Hat, Cymbals, Room ) so the sound guy can mix live. I'll try your advice on gains. Most of our backing tracks don't have much in the way of crash cymbals but I'll keep an ear out for what you're saying. I appreciate the help. Harley
  11. Thanks John. I guess the snare is what captivated our guitarist to get me to use it. He's also a drummer and I must admit that SSD snare is really nice. I'll give the MT Power Kit a go. ( how did you get rid of the nag screen )? Cheers
  12. Hi all, Is there anyone else using Steven Slate Drums Sampler 5 ( free ) VST? If so have you found the overall sound quieter compared to ( say ) the SI-Drum Kit or MT Power Kit if the console sliders are set to the same position? I am sure there's a simple setting I need to change but I have replaced the SI-Drum kit with SSDSampler5 kit on backing tracks we use for the band and I have to reduce all other instrument consoles so drums don't get drowned out. I am sending the various outputs to separate Audio tracks so we can manipulate each drum instrument. Any advice? Cheers - Harley -
  13. OK, a little research and I found that only Output assign 1 has the effects built in - the other outputs don't. Also, how I was setting up the Sonitus reverb on the Audio Channel ( where Output 3 went to ) was incorrect, but that's now fixed and I have a lovely Brass1 sound back again. Happy camper am I
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