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  1. Understood and agreed. What I am referencing in my question is related to the theme (graphic styling, colors, etc.) not matching the theme of the outer Cakewalk parent window. At a point in the past, I thought it did.
  2. The project window is not maximized, that is true. When it is maximized, the project window's frame disappears and docks with the parent (outermost) window; hence, it is "hidden". However, I am almost (90%) certain that in the past, the project window inherited the outer Windows 10 theme characteristics. I typically have multiple projects open at the same time, so having multiple windows cascading is beneficial to my workflow. In the end, this is only a cosmetic idiosyncrasy. Just curious if someone would have a quick fix.
  3. I haven't used SONAR Artist (now Cakewalk by BandLab) in quite a while. I picked it up and started using it again recently and noticed that the theme of the project windows is different than the normal Windows 10 theme. I've seen this sort of thing happen in other applications before when the Windows window manager steps into a reduced functionality mode but I've never seen it mixed in the same window/application. The attached image should help to illustrate the problem. Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions to resolve the issue? I'm wondering if a Windows 10 update introduced this problem... Thanks in advance, Brian
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