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  1. The new update went smooth and quick on my win 10 pc 06 ver. I do experience the same audio dropouts and Cakewalk will still freeze (not responding) Purchased a new audio interface (Audient iD 14) and it has better drivers then my old motu 828 mk2 So less issues but at times with only 1 or 2 track or sometimes after loading a small project and listening to it cakewalk will freeze. New i7 build 16 gig ram cpu runs around 4-5% when recording and never seen it over 34% when mixing8-10 tracks with 2 or 3 vst on each track. When this happens task manager shows only low load. I have done all the recommended pc setting changes. Ok my request would be for cakewalk to do a video like secret sauce, like Mike does, of all the tune up and things to check, and to recommend a recording interface brand. Oh ya, no extra issues with the update and cakewalk seems to open quick in under 10 seconds. Brad Haugen bw_mac@telus.net BW-Mac recording 20201013_133544.heic
  2. I hope so as I seemed to miss the boat. Been away for 6 years and my Sonar 6 needs some updates. Maybe I am SOL
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