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  1. Occasionally, I'll hear a song on the radio where the audio slowly transitions from muffled ("other room" technique) to clear. This usually occurs in the intro of the song. I guess one example I have is "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. The intro features a muffled stringed guitar, and then a clear one comes in after. But what I'm looking for is an intro that smoothly goes from muffled to clear. An even better example is "Say So" by Doja Cat. This effect happens during the 8-second intro, and again at 3:45. How do I create this effect? Thank you in advance.
  2. I just saw this thread and your latter paragraph caught my attention. Per the "More good news"... Are you noting that TTS-1 and the Studio Instruments Suite have become available for individual/stand-alone download? I'm not seeing them here on the BandLab Assistant screen (as you mentioned). Please clarify where these are, as I'm curious! Thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks for the responses, everyone, and for being patient with my questions! I read both of Craig's articles, and I'm hoping for a little deeper explanation. So, the TTS-1 can produce 16 simultaneous sounds from one instance of the synth in the Rack. But It also allows for four audio outputs. Per the screenshot below, I've created a sample scenario using one TTS-1 instance (see Synth Rack) and 3 TTS-1 audio tracks to one Output track. Each Track has its own designated channel # and Patch selected in their drop-down menus (not in the TTS-1 synth itself). The Input drop-down in each Track is set to "None" ("Omni" appears when I highlight that Track). The Output drop-down in each Track points to the same "Output synth" instance, as it should. (I think what's confusing me is the "1 TTS track", "16 channels", "4 outputs" equation...) So, in layman's terms, please: Are there specific benefits of a "MIDI Source"+"Synth Audio" track (& an output track) over a "Simple Instrument" track? Can it be said that the "literal" definition of an audio output is simply the Audio Output track of the DAW? Why would one choose four Audio Outputs / Audio Output tracks vs. one? Thanks again.
  4. I would like to know, along the same lines, what about Cakewalk Z3ta? How does that match up in your opinions? Do you feel TTS-1, Z3ta, and Xpand!2 are still relevant?
  5. After having dropped from the DAW scene for a few years, I'm trying to relearn and refresh my knowledge of the TTS-1 synth and how to properly utilize it. I'd appreciate answers to the following (...sometimes hard to find in a Google search or in my current documentation): [Preface: I don't use external instruments. All my work is done within my PC.] 1) What are the specific advantages of inserting a TTS-1 track as a "MIDI track" over a "Simple Instrument track"? Is it a matter of CPU resources or ease of workflow? Does it matter? 2) In the TTS-1 Synth options window, how do I know whether to choose "MIDI Source", "First Synth / All Synth Audio" output options? 3) That being asked, what is the simple/literal definition of an "audio output"? Why are there four for TTS-1, and what difference does it make versus already having 16 channels? Just seeking clarification, as I'm having trouble understanding all the nuances. I'm trying to make sense of this in my head before I end up creating projects in bad technique. Thank you in advance!
  6. I just learned about the plug-in called Xpand!2. I'm surprised I've never heard of it before, and I'm kind of curious. Can anyone give me their opinions on Xpand!2, and how does it compare to TTS-1? Thoughts are appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  7. In reference to drawing in the PRV, I noticed I had to hide the Controller Pane first. This gave me access to the Controller drop-down just above the vertical keyboard. (To me, however, the Controllers in the PRV method work better as a visual than as an editor.) I split the Instrument track as you instructed. Then I attempted to draw the pitch bend on the new MIDI track. After I'd done that, I lost audio on playback again. This time, however, was because I decided to delete the instrument track, leaving the MIDI+Automation tracks on their own. (There was no audio left to play?) I created a new Instrument track again (Cakewalk Sound Center -> Les Paul Guitar Solo), split it, drew the wheel bend on the MIDI track's Automation lane. It played just fine, however, node editing in that small space feels extremely tight and cumbersome. See screenshot below, as I believe this represents the "proper" method. I do believe I've learned a few things here. I guess I'm just frustrated that I'm finding this so difficult. I would assume that once this is done, I'm to leave the original Instrument tracks there? Is there any way to create this controller without having to split all tracks I do this on? (Also, when I tried creating an Automation Lane for RPN, I couldn't figure out how to enter a custom value. And it doesn't appear in the Event list.)
  8. Thank you for the response. Would you please elaborate on the second paragraph for me? Wheel events are not available nor documented for the track view, only Volume and Pan. This is also indicated by the numeric meter there which seems to just go from 0 upwards. (I just searched YouTube for literally an hour not finding an instruction for this.) Also, what you suggested about inserting wheel events via "CC data in the Piano Roll View". Piano Roll View, there's a Controller Pane beneath that, where I normally draw wheel events. How would a CC event create that, and where? Thanks again. 😊
  9. I wish to create bend/portamento on adjacent notes in Cakewalk Sound Center. I set an RPN event (seems # doesn't matter) in the beginning of the track. Then I draw a pitch bend wheel at the end of the first note going from 0 down to the pitch of the second note. Just then, when I play the track...I lose audio. What the...? When I change the Sound Center instrument, it plays fine on the CSC synth window keyboard. But when I play the track again, no audio. How nutty, this is frustrating. Cakewalk Sound Center is a signficant part of my instrument library. I'd love to be able to get pitch bend to work there. Any suggestions to the above issue? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for the prompt response. 😊 I thought I saw this done somehow though. For example, I've seen video tutorials where an instrument track had several separate parts, each one with a label on top. How's that done? I'm surprised this isn't documented anywhere. This function is to help visually identify different parts of the song, as opposed to all the notation in one long continuous track. That's what I want to do. Does this make sense?
  11. Is there any way to separate my MIDI notation into parts/clips on the Piano Roll? Per the attached image, I have a two-measure part with a few sample chords. Is there any way to create separate instruments parts like this one, or is each track a part in itself? And maybe name the parts? And what's the purpose of the little MIDI notation icon in the right corner of the part? Surely there's a way to do this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I wish to customize my Cakewalk user interface to my liking and have it remain permanently. I would like this adjustment to apply to the interface itself, new tracks, and existing tracks. I just want the UI to stay as I adjust it (window sizes, layout, module configuration, button/control settings, etc.) Do I have to create a Lens for this to happen? Or is a project template enough? What method would be enough to consistently keep my interface in the same state? Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. The notes are overlapping. I'm able to slightly get in working in TTS using a Synth Lead instrument. The thing is you can still hear the beginning of the second note. It's not a smooth slide.
  14. EDIT: Please delete this thread. Issue solved by changing the Widget Filter from Custom to All. I inserted a Simple TTS-1 MIDI instrument track. I quickly realized that I cannot change the track's Channel number...anywhere. Where is my Channel widget button? How do I select/change channel numbers for my MIDI track? Thanks in advance. Screenshot attached.
  15. I did discover one more thing per the visual example I posted above, but on a new instance of this I just created: The pitch bend occurs perfectly on that first note. However, the second note is slightly louder than the first. This is a TTS-1 Synth Lead instrument that has a sustain, and I confirmed the Velocity is the same level on both notes. Thoughts please?
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