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  1. Hey folks,

    not sure what i did, but since a few days i`m not able to get an audioo signal from my rack synths into cakewalk. I open two 2 tracks, one audio, one midi. audio in my interface, audio out master bus. midi in my midi keyboard, midi out my interface. Midi out from interface goes to midi in from the synth. Audio out from the synth goes to line in from the interface. Cakewalk and the synth are getting the midi signal ,but there is no audio signal. Yet when i connect headphones directly to the synth , there is an audio signal. Tried it with several synth racks, same result, and they all worked till 2 days ago. I did an update on cakewalk recently.

    I hope someone can help...

  2. Hi guys,

    I have some serious latency problems when recording audio from my hardware synth in cakewalk.    I tried to record audio from my monologue and prophet 08, and both times the audio was delayed.  I tried to play the audio directly and also via midi signal from daw to synth, but with the same results. i played with the latency settings in cakewalk, but it didn`t really do anything . I have a PC running Win7 and a Steinberg UR22 Interface.

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