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  1. My ThreadSchedulingModel is set to =2. I have not stretched any audio in the project. I do, however, have 64-bit Double Precision Engine enabled. My cpu runs at around 3.9Ghz. I assumed that 64-bit double precision shouldn't be an issue (and before 2022.09 it hasn't ever been). I'll attach my AUD.ini for anyone to browse. Please overlook the E-MU lines, those are old. AUD.ini
  2. My buffer size is all the way up at 2,048 (I turn plugins off and lower it when I record, then raise it again to mix or review what's just been recorded - if the project is large). Multi-processing engine ON, and plugin Load Balancing was ON. Turning Load Balancing OFF seems to do it. This just started with 2022.09, before that I never had this issue (going back to Sonar 7?, around 2009 on WinXP with a way less powerful system). When Load Balancing is ON the glitches start and then keep going when the solo'd source track audio has ended but the empty track is still "playing". It only stops when play is stopped and it's there in+out of solo. I never fully understood the point at which Load Balancing becomes beneficial so I've just kept it on at all times. The Performance Module, showing System Performance and Engine Load, looks the same with Load Balancing ON or OFF, System maxes out around 50% and Engine 16%, I see none of the yellow bars spiking or raised more than half way when in Play (Load Balancing ON/OFF), at idle (stopped) they hover between 10-15%. Seems like 2022.09 narrowed the window on Load Balancing's impact on plugin latency in a way that just doesn't show any late buffers or core overs to the user. If it were buffers it feels like there would be a dropout and play would be halted after a few seconds of it. It sounds more like a scratched CD when it happens, audio keeps playing but there's that "Pop, wiggity, wiggity, jar, jar, Pop, Pop, wiggity" thing happening. It's actually quite funny in context lol. If you were here I'm sure we'd both be laughing at how it throws one back to budget DJ at a bowling alley in 1990.
  3. Whichever was the last before 09, I always do the updates as they are suggested. I narrowed the glitchiness down to Eventide's Blackhole reverb when first inserting it and then when making changes to its Gravity while in solo, sometimes just when soloing the channel via the plugin does it. Audio begins glitching when played and then continues every time I hit play until I save, close and then reopen the project. Audiority's LDC2 was also glitching for a few seconds after inserting it but not as much as Blackhole. Windows update this AM seems to have affected it somewhat, I'll check later and run both through their paces. Hang tight. As for Win10 Vs. 11, ok, I had read a lot of confusing things here on people reverting due to Windows updates and assumed the versioning might be complicating things. Nevermind me, I just poke around in the dark.
  4. 2022.09 install went fine, CW starts and runs as usual, however, any time I insert a new plugin I get glitchy audio as if the sample rate was lowered and I'm running out of buffers (I'm not; Win10, 16G ram, 8 cores, everything set to 2,048, load balancing on, relatively small projects). So far, saving, then closing and reopening the project seems to smooth things out - but it's kinda scary. I'm digging the improvements to the UI, seems smoother, though at load time it does have some issues with rendering. I assume this is now an early stage of the recent changes made so devs are kind of feeling their way through working with a new MS code base. Must be difficult to balance Win11 requirements while not messing up Win10 legacy code issues, workarounds, etc. I get it. Otherwise, I got nothing to add here, just that glitching after loading plugins issue.
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