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  1. I wasn't aware of that limitation but it's good to know 👍 I have Sonar Platinum, so it installed for me without a problem.
  2. I found this control surface installer file yesterday because i needed for my edirol pcr-800 :) https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013438/Control-Surface-Installers
  3. I was hoping some easy way to just convert inside Sonar (CbB) the midi clips into .arp or .ptn whichever is needed to use the rhythm i made. Thanks for your help, i'll look into it, maybe i'll find a solution (or look for an arp vst that will do what i need )
  4. I'd like to make my own arpeggiator pattern, so i can use them with the MIDI track's arp. Is there any way to make an arp pattern from a MIDI clip that i created in CbB? Also, what is the different between the .arp files in C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR Platinum (or Cakewalk Core)\Arpeggiator Patterns folder (that shows up by default on the MIDI track's arp) and the .ptn files in C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR Platinum (or Cakewalk Core)\PTN MIDI Patterns folder? Thank you!
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