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    Audio dropout

    Thanks, guys. You steered me in the right direction. Turns out I needed to reauthorize my iZotope plugins for the new computer. Once I did that, everything is fine. Thank you so much!!
  2. Tim Consley

    Audio dropout

    It's a newer computer. Didn't have this problem with the old computer. New one is a 256 SSD i5 processor with 16GB RAM. Interface is a Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd gen using ASIO driver's. I've both increased and decreased the buffer and it doesn't make any difference.
  3. Tim Consley

    Audio dropout

    I just installed CbB on a new computer. As I play my files, I'm having sound dropouts for a couple seconds as the song keeps moving and then the sound comes back on. It does this occasionally throughout the song. No alarms or anything. I've adjusted the buffer back and forth, but it doesn't make any difference. Anyone have a thought? Thanks!
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