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  1. Thank you, for this reply! I really appreciate knowing that I am practicing something a professional would do to tame my "s". They are annoying for me to listen to when I check my recording for errors, I'd really hate for others to be annoyed by it.. lol. I've spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix them. I tried using the VX-64 Vocal Strip for De-essing, but I wasn't happy with the result, and felt like too many whistles still got through. Then I came across some reddit post that mentioned sidechaining and using a compressor, so that's how I got the idea for it. I started watching a ton of videos and reading lots of articles to figure out how to do it, properly. One thing I like about it, is that I feel like I can better fine tune it and have more control because I can get just the sounds I'm trying to tame and not others. It seems more precise. It's just time consuming, so doing a little at a time at the end of each day seemed more reasonable and more efficient. I can see most of my "s" visually, so I just put on some music or tv and zone out while isolating them all. Thank you for your suggestion about how to better split them without having to group. I'll try that! I'll also check out all of the de-essers everyone has suggested. I am really trying to make my audio sound professional, because eventually I'd like to narrate as a career and truthfully, I love the audio engineering and editing side to the whole process. Over the last six months or so I've learned so much. I wish I were more musically knowledgeable, because audio engineering music is fascinating to me. Thank you, again, for your reply to my post regarding grouping and the process I'm using to tame those pesky "s", it's very much appreciated.
  2. Yes, that's probably what happened. My keyboard is sometimes on my lap when I am using shortcuts. If I am splitting a track into smaller pieces, and if I accidentally hit the ctrl key while selecting to split, will that produce copies of clips? lol, I think I am going to experiment and see what happens. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your help. I was following those instructions. After reading your post I think I was simply mistaking what the label number meant. I wish I could change the label, but I guess can't. I guess it wouldn't really matter, since it's just a count. Didn't think I grouped and regrouped 40 times, though .... lol. Still not sure how I made copies of the clips, though. Anyway, again, thank you for your help. I appreciated it.
  4. Oh! I really love Creative Sauce's (Mike Enjo's) Youtube channel, it's where I have learned so much! Really, really great information. It's how I learned how to send my "s" track to the compressor on my main audio track to subdue those "sss". Thank you for your help. What I am meaning is not grouping multiple tracks, I meant clips within one track that I have split. So, like, I have one track and I've split all the "s" sounds so that each "s" sound is its own clip. Then I was trying to group those clips together so that I could move them from the main audio track to a separate audio track to deal with harshness of them by using some EQ. I did this successfully the first time, but it took a very long time to do in one fell swoop at then end of my recording. So, I was trying to do it a section at time as I finished a day's worth of work, so I didn't have to do it all at once at the end. The problem came when I noticed that the group label was "40". I thought I had inadvertantly made 40 groups and wondered how that had happened. I also noticed that I had somehow created copies of "s" clips on top of themselves... lol. Still don't know how that happened. So, I was trying to see where all these "groups" were and was trying to figure out how I had made so many duplicates so that I could avoid that. I was also trying to see if I could rename the label back to 02 or something, so it wasn't 40. Thank you, again, for your help, I do appreciate it. I'm sorry if I've been confusing.
  5. Thank you. I'll will check out your suggestions; however, if I decide to continue with my isolating, grouping method, I'm curious if anyone would be able to help me with the grouping issue I am facing. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am new to Cakewalk and I need some help with the concept of grouping clips. I have been using cakewalk to record my volunteer audiobook chapters (I don't like audacity - I know, everyone says to use that one) and I really have been enjoying my experience with it so far. I love the interface and have learned so much since beginning using it. My problem is, I noticed that while recording, I whistle my "s". I have tried using a couple de-essers and I don't have the money to invest in an expensive pay version(s), so I have found the best way for me to deal with my annoying "s" is to isolate them, group them, move them to another track and then use send to a compressor and minimize them. I have successfully done this for one chapter. When I grouped my "s" sounds they formed a group labeled 01 and they all successfully grouped. When I selected one, they all got selected, which I liked because I could work with them as a whole. However, this takes forever to click every "s" sound in one fell swoop. So, I am trying to group as I go, so-to-speak. I figure if I record, edit and check in one session then that will cut down my edit time later. To deal with my "s" sounds, in the same session after I check my work to make sure all mistakes are taken care and my reading is good, I would like to isolate those "s" using the split feature to split before the "s" sound and after the "s" sound for each sound and then group those together for that day. When I come back the next day and get to isolated my new "s" sounds, I want to be able to add those to the previous day. Now, I tried this, but somewhere I screwed up and wound with with copies of "s" sounds on top of their same "s" sounds and when I create a group it makes like a label like 40. How did I wind up with 40 groups? I am so confused. How do I change it to say 02 for a label, if I want it to? And how do I successfully add each day's "s" without creating copies or new group labels? Every time I add the next day's, the group name changes. I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I'm so confused and I have tried researching what I'm doing wrong, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. All of my other Cakewalk complications I have managed to figure out just by painstakingly researching for myself. But, this, I am totally confused. Did I accidentally create craptons of groups when I was initially splitting my "s"? I have a lot of "s", I would imagine it would be way more than 40 if that were the case. Also, is there a place I can see all of the groups created so I can see what's going on? Lastly, I tried removing all my clips from the group and start over grouping just a couple together, but again my group label starts at like, 42 or another higher number... argh. Anway, thanks, ahead for any help. I really appreciate it.
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