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  1. Back when Cakewalk was very buggy when Bandlabs first got Cakewalk, I continued to use Sonar Producer 8.5.3, but as of version 2022.06 build 34, I've fully moved to Cakewalk by Bandlabs.
  2. Never published song from 30 years ago remastered using Cakewalk 2022.06 build 034 Genre: Christian Country Rock YouTube Link to Fiery Dart song This was sung when the singer was at the top of his game. Nowadays, he could never sound that good. He used a 4 track Tascam home studio recorder, stage mics, Gibson electric guitar, a bass guitar, electronic drums. He moved all the music to one track, 2 tracks of backup singers, and 1 singer main track. I'm so glad he didn't mix the singers into the music. I have a tough time cleaning up the singers due to how old that system is. I used Goldwave to remove the hum from all the tracks. I had to use Celemony Melodyne to grab the tempo and over lay the drums, thanks to Cakewalk for the feature that lets you drag the audio file upwards until the line turns blue. I used Celemony Melodyne to copy phrases that either singer missed to sing. I used Waves Audio Harmony to create the extra harmony parts, even though he already had 2 harmony singers. I still don't like how if you don't have enough music to cover up the robotic sound that the vocals from Waves Harmony creates, then the audience will hear the robotic voices once in a while. I used Waves Audio Vitamin Sonic Enhancer to bring the bass up on the track while using Waves Audio F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ to help poke the vocals out of the music. 3 tracks singers, 1 track main music (Gibson Electric guitar, drums, bass guitar) 1 track Session Drummer 2, 1 track Guitar Acoustic by Native Instruments Komplete 8.
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