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  1. Marat

    Sonaksis FreeG

    Also you must install other demo plugins with it, and you cannot refuse
  2. hello! I can't log in to my focusrite account and see this message "1 error has been found: Email". But I enter it correctly. Anyone had such problem?
  3. I signed up for the newsletter yesterday, but still have not received an e-mail from them...
  4. It crashes Cubase looking over presets. Reported in support. Edit: I am delighted with Audiothing support. They answered me in an hour and sent a link to the new version.
  5. You can do something with it. For example render to audio and make adjustments with any sampler. It will not be like full version of synthesizer but at least something
  6. I bought them all and after that I see this in my account: "You're all set! You're now subscribed to The Synth & Sound Pack Bundle". Does anyone know what it is? I did not want any subscriptions, especially if they are paid
  7. There is a key command to close Cubase completely with the top row. On PC: Ctrl+Q.
  8. Yes, the offer is great but Sonar (CbB) is still good
  9. To balinas From Steinberg.net: *This offer only includes full versions of Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10 and Cubase Elements 10 and the competitive crossgrade from all major DAWs to Cubase Pro 10. Updates, upgrades and educational versions are not part of the promotion.
  10. 30 Year Anniversary I've seen something like this somewhere...
  11. Biotek is previous offer. Current offer is: From the 7th March till 2nd May we have teamed up with our friends at Sonarworks to offer a free 6 month license to Sonarworks Headphone Edition (license expires 1st Oct). Unfortunately I also did not have time to get Biotek.
  12. Marat

    ADSR Hexcel

    Unfortunately, Reaktor Player will not work
  13. I see in custom shop: expired in 170 days. Is it true?
  14. It looks like an extended demo. Not very interesting, IMHO.
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