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  1. Does anyone know if register T-Rack 5 SE entitles to the promotion?
  2. I sent them invoice 19/04/22 and still waiting for a response...
  3. Have you received your copy of Cubase12? I have the same problem.
  4. Interesting idea with bundle, but I have Algoritm already. Waiting for another bundle.
  5. I haven't check presets for other synths. As for Spire, I think Bellatrix audio presets are very good for a good price. But you can check demo and give your verdict
  6. Bellatrix Audio sale - 90% Off Presets for Reveal Sound Spire. https://bellatrixaudio.com/product-category/all-product/presets/
  7. There need midi retrospective record in CbB like Cubase, S1, Ableton Live have.
  8. Reason 12 does not support rewire!
  9. I also believe that Cubase 12 will be released before the end of the year. I have cubase elements 10 and waiting for cubase 12 to be released to decide: upgrade or not.
  10. May i ask why do you need it? There are some discounts for the upgrade?
  11. During your absence, I have not spent a cent. Help please :)
  12. It was in my focusrite account two months ago and I dont have novation products.
  13. Guys, here is the correct link: https://www.bitwig.com/reg/?promo=MTo0OWQ0MWExMi0wZDdlLTRjODgtODQwOS03MGJiODEzNjk5NWM6aS15MlVtYndhRmlCOVhXM091SnBkY3VHRXJv&utm_source=wnletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vocal-special-nl8-bitwig-may-2021
  14. Does not work. I just see the main page "bitwig.com". Maybe because I already have bitwig 8 track? So sorry, I have an old copy registration and my upgrade plan is over and does not cover the new versions...I just wanted to get the latest update
  15. You also can to buy this synth on plugin boutique for 5 bucks and get MTM levels for free.
  16. The same thing in the studio one 5.
  17. Now the voucher works as many times as you want... Ready, steady, go! 😀
  18. It not support VST3 format. I read in manual: Mixbus does not currently load VST3 plugins, but this feature is coming soon! Does anyone know when it comes?
  19. I see in my account now: The Reason Rack Plug-in Lite is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem. We're working hard to fix it as soon as we can. Please come back at 16:00 (British Summer Time) on Friday 18th September 2020 for an update. We are aware of the problem so there is no need to contact us to let us know.
  20. Hi! I dont see this offer on focusrite site and in my account there... Do you have it?
  21. I use "geek" for unistall. It's free.
  22. Magick

    Sonaksis FreeG

    Also you must install other demo plugins with it, and you cannot refuse
  23. hello! I can't log in to my focusrite account and see this message "1 error has been found: Email". But I enter it correctly. Anyone had such problem?
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