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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ghti85j3lqawo9a/TEST.rar?dl=0 This one I made that has the issue. It's got the Sonitus Compressor on the Parallel and still it's out of phase. Now, I don't know if you could be able to replicate it without EZDrummer 3, since adding Kontakt aswell made the issue go away even after deleting the Kontakt track. If you cannot replicate it then I might have to make a video or something to show whats going on.
  2. Archiveing everything but the drums get the same result, still out of phase.
  3. I opened an empty project and just started recording guitars and adding drums. The latency I get tracking guitars is not noticeable so I don't have the need to change buffer size or mess with PDC or anything. So PDC was the same since opening the project. See, the thing is that PDC works on audio. The guitars I recorded don't show any desync if I make a parallel proccess, and the drum track freezed doesn't desync either. It's the instrument track reading the MIDI. And if I click PDC on and off I can hear it change, but it's still has phase issues. And the fact that during playback, changing the Parallel interleave to mono and back to stereo solves it, and when I stop and start the playback again makes it desync is puzzling me. One last thing I've tried as well, to make a Parallel track in a different way. I can create and Aux track and have the input set directly from an EZDrummer output (in this case outputs 1&2, the same as the Raw track) not a a send, just listening to the output directly. And still desyncd.
  4. Well, I've been testing it further and some funny things began happening. First I tried plugins not just from waves, I tried from a bunch of 3rd parties and also the built in ones. All of them caused the same desync, and not just compressor, EQs, Reverbs, you name it. Bypassed or not it was still causing the issue. So to dig deeper, I tried freezing the drums, since in audio tracks this issue was not present. Freezing the drums made the issue go away, but since I'm writing I can't be freezing every single time and unfreezing.. It seems it's with the instrument track and playing the midi I wrote. Since I use EZDrummer 3 as the drum synth, it's got a built in midi player. I thought maybe I'd get a different result but no, still no sync. So it was time to test a different drum synth. And here's where the funny stuff comes in. I loaded Kontakt Player and put the Mixwave Mario Duplantier drum synth. I route the synths output to the same Patch Point that I used to do the Parallel compression and guess what, it's in sync. Nice! So it must be EZDrummer 3 right? So I play EZDrummer again and it's in sync... Now that's funny. So I reloaded the project where the Kontakt drums were not added yet. EZDrummer was desyncd. As soon as I add a instrument track with Kontak Player in it, EZDrummer is back in sync. That's.. weird to say the least. I'm lost at this point.
  5. So, I've been having this issue and I can't figure out how to fix this, let me explain: I was writing a song, just recorded some guitars through some amp sims, wonderful. So I want to add drums, EZdrummer 3, simple enough. I write the midi and I get sound. Now, I want the drums to sound a bit processed but I'm focused on writing, so I put on some Parallel compression on the drums, fast and effective. And here's where the issue comes in. The raw channel and the parallel channel are not in sync and sounds out of phase when I add the plugin. Now you might say it's the plugin changing phase, but no, since that delay happens even if the plugin is bypassed and with any plugin. So it might be how I set the Parallel channel, but no, since without adding the plugin, pressing the phase flip on the channel get a perfect null. I've tried different ways to get a Parallel channel. Creating a send from the Raw track to an Aux track and using this Aux track as the Parallel, still the same result. In the Raw track, instead of having it output to master, I output to a Patch Point, and then adding 2 tracks with the patch point as the inputs, and one track as raw and the other as Parallel, still the same result. But the funny thing is, if I start the playback, and while it's playing I switch the Parallel channels Interleave to mono and back to stereo, the delay is gone and it's in sync... and when I stop the playback, and start again, it's out of sync again. There's clearly some delay compensation that's not happening or something like that. For the time being I have a way to get around this, but I figured this should no happen. The way I get around this is adding the compressor to the Raw channel also but having it bypassed. So yeah, just putting this issue out there, thanks for reading!
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