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  1. My guitar is connected to my PC via USB Codec... (There is no issue with the hardware setup as I can record perfectly fine into tracks)... The issue is that I have a live looper DLL which is receiving no input from my guitar, is there any way I could direct the input there?
  2. The dialogue doesn't appear with any synth I drag in, even the standard cakewalk TTS synth. 🤔
  3. @msmcleod Sorry how do I access these settings?
  4. Upon dragging my synth software (Tunefish4), which works the majority of the time, into my song... The synth does not appear in the tracks on the left hand side (using advanced lense) for me to manipulate using piano roll. It does although appear in the console at the bottom? Usually when draggig and dropping my synth into the song it generates an empty single track in which I can use a piano roll to insert music into. Does anyone know why this issue is a thing? Much appreciated.
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