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  1. Yeah I agree this is terrific, I love to hear different tracks from the mainstream bandlab hip hop/rap. Your track has a 60's vibe going on. Great to hear others on planet Earth can still come up with good original music.
  2. Cheers for listening & kind words. Tendonitis is a bugger & anti inflammatory drugs can cause even more issues for your body! My mix's are always trippy I like psychedelic tracks😵 And usually go OTT in using way to much delay, bit of a fan of the Valhalla Supermassive plugin. Keep on rockin'
  3. I thought that was a terrific effort, vocals sound cool also. The sampled guitar was trippy. I won't comment on the recording/mixing as I am only an amateur but sounds good to me😎 I did a cover a while back of Hey Joe I'm just a guitar player but added some vocal that I sung using a weird android phone app that made me sound a bit like Bowie🤣 https://k00.fr/20b6sq9c
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