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  1. Hi, I'm finally trying to get to grips with the Bandlab version of Cakewalk (I previously used Platinum) but it seems to have a lot less in terms of VSTs I use SI string section but I can find no reference to it anywhere Can anyone tell me if that because its just not available anymore? And, if that's the case can anyone recommend a reasonably prices VST for strings please? Many thanks in advance
  2. sorry, I don't know what CbB is ... Cakwalk by Bandlab? its not installed on the pc and i cant install it as i cant get onto the cakewalk website And I don't know how to obtain a download for my addons like Dimension pro - I have all my serial numbers etc and etc but cant get onto the cakewalk site to download the various VSTs
  3. Thanks Scook, I've now downloaded the Bandlab version. Sorry to be a pain but would you also know about the Dimension Pro sound card and the add-ons that were available with the original Platinum ?
  4. I bought Sonar Platinum when it was owned by Cakewalk. My computer had died and I'm trying to download onto another. I went to the website and realised I was registered under an old email. So I edited my email to a current one and it said it was sending me a verification email . This has not been received and it now won't let me enter my account using my old email. Can anyone help please? Or suggest another way I can download my products Many thanks
  5. Hi, I bought Platinum a couple of years ago. I didn't get the CD I just downloaded it from the site, it came with some addons that I use a lot, like the dimension pro VST and some others. I also purchased Melodyne, which I want to continue using. Does anyone know: Is the Bandlab version the same as the version that I bought - can I still use the extras that came with it and my version of Melodyne ? If not, is there anyway I can get a hard copy of the version I purchased, because I live in fear of having a crash and not being able to download it again Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks so much for responses I will have a look for a program to use
  7. Hi, I have been composing music via cakewalk for 20+ years but I can’t read/write music, I work exclusively with the piano roll and my ears. I have written a lot in the style of musical theatre and have been involved in some original amateur productions. One of our plays is receiving some interest from a semi professional drama company. And they are asking, not only for a CD of songs but also for a musical score. Now, I know that you can print from cakewalk but I also know that you have to tell it what key the project is in - I don’t know how to do that as I don’t understand sheet music. So I wondered is someone could give me some pointers please? Also, can someone tell me what constitutes a musical score. i.e. is it every instrument or merely the melody and chords? I’m grateful for all comments and advice thank you.
  8. Sorry to be so thick .... but here me being just that! I have no idea what asymmetrical RAM is? Or ,why it’s bad or what would be better??? However if someone could just tell me what I need to replace it that would be great! Thank you
  9. this is what my computer has windows 10 processor: Intel core i76700T CPU @2.80 GHz 2.81 GHz installed memory (RAM) 9.00 GB (7.87 usable) 64 bit
  10. Hi, I'm using Platinum and the program freezes and crashes when I open more than one project - I think its to do with the soft synths (I mainly use Dimensions Pro) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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