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  1. Hello have a little confusion using buses So as I understand I can take say all my guitar tracks and run to a bus to use like plug-ins to conserve CPU usage. My problem is that however they are panned in the individual track once I run through a bus the panning is gone. What am I doing wrong or what am I missing with this theory? Thanks Joe
  2. Thank you very much @emeraldsoul greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. I knew there would a few here that could give me some guidance in cleaning these songs up. Again thank you for taking the time to listen and even more for taking the time to give me feedback.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to listen and for the feedback @James G I appreciate it.
  4. Hey all new here and enjoying what I’m seeing and hearing. Figured this would be a good spot for some feedback Below is Side 1 to a project I have been working on. Its about 15 min and best through headphones. Warning it’s a little political in nature not taking sides per say just the perspective from an observer from above. Im not a vocalist but had to get the lyrics in place hopefully I can get hooked back up with an old friend to have him record the vocals at some point. Everything is me except drum tracks. Feedback appreciated. Basically recording from Fender Mustang III into auidiobox into Cakewalk with many plugins.....
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