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  1. Thanks everyone for thoughtful advice. Sounds like simple .mp3 may be the way to go for now until I get my head around CW. Good suggestions regarding componentry. Am off to experiment and have some fun 😀
  2. Hi I am new to Cakewalk and am running it on a windows PC. I want to use the software to primarily play midi files in a live situation. I possibly will want to also create my own projects - but not yet. My question is, what equipment/ devices do I need to play midi as a backing track in Cakewalk and do vocals/ guitar live? I guess I will need a device to connect computer, guitar and microphone to a PA. I may need a device/ synthesizer to reproduce the sounds that will interface with the midi information in the file. So I am looking for any advice on what is a useful investment and what devices, virtual or real, should I be looking to purchase to enable me to play live using Cakewalk? My appreciation in advance for any assistance you can provide. Thanks Ian
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