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  1. I have had similar chronic read/write automation issues with Cakewalk. It is December 2020 and no word that the issue has been addressed since the above entry from @Leandro. Did I miss the fix? My version is the latest as of this month.
  2. Cakewalk-Bandlab has great customer service, and that's even more noteable for a now free DAW; I had glitching and latency issues which they helped to completely resolve via quick emails of instructions and suggestions. I did install an old bundled version of Cubase and learned it thinking the Cakewalk issue was not solvable, however now that Cakewalk is working again, I think Cubase will stay mostly in the closet with my dress shoes. BTW, for users who had similar latency issues using the Tascam Celesonic 20x20 audio interface and blamed it on Tascam's drivers, the fault is not with Tascam drivers (Cubase with the Tascam Celesonic works flawlessly). The fault is not with Cakewalk Bandlab, either. My Cakewalk bandlab config file mysteriously got bloated with other ASIO driver's references I had uninstalled but never got removed from the config file, so I copied my Config file from my old Sonar Platinum which solved the problem (Cakewalk now also works flawlessly with Tascam Celesonic). I'm wondering if resetting config file to default values would have had the same positive result, which is smooth, glitch-free recording and playback with no latency jumping or latency drift. I still have the bloated config file (renamed) for reference purposes. One thing about Cubase compared with Cakewalk, processor use is greater with Cakewalk. Also the Celesonic can be set as low as 4 samples which Cubase can handle pretty well. Cakewalk can only handle 16 or more samples. I don't notice enough latency at 16 samples to bother me. My system is core i7, 3.5 Ghz not overclocked, 16gb RAM. Using USB 3.0 with Celesonic, but 2.0 works just as well from my own anecdotal tests. I'm a Cakewalk user since 1998. Back to more song creating... Binney's AUD-Sonar Platinum using Tascam 20x20 ASIO driver.txt Binney's AUD-Cakewalk Bandlab using Tascam 20x20 ASIO driver.txt
  3. I’m getting latency shift/drift with Cakewalk by Bandlab. It's the latest version. Rig is Asrock Z87 Extreme 4, core i7, 3.5 ghz, 16 Gb RAM, and Tascam Celesonic 20x20 audio interface using either USB 2.0 or 3.0 (drift occurs with both setups). Windows 10is running with the latest update. The Tascam ASIO is version 4.00, although I did try all tests with the previous ASIO driver version with same latency shift/drift results. Latency drift/shift occurred at any sample rate setting from 8 to 256 samples. Setting at 4 samples is too short for my system to process, and 512 samples starts introducing perceptible latency. The test recording was made at 16 samples with the Tascam, and at higher rates with the R24 (128 samples) and the Helix (I think 128 as well). The recording was 16 bit, 44.1 khz in all cases. Tested same setup with my Line 6 Helix floor as an audio interface USB 2.0 only); although no drift, there were digital buzz bursts every 15-30 seconds. Also tested with Zoom R24 with similar buzz bursts as the Helix. Naturally, it seemed the Tascam Celesonic was at fault, and when contacting them, the service person had me try some different settings in the software control panel of the Tascam, which didn't solve the problem. I even put the Celesonic up for sale at that point, still believing it was the cause of the latency shift, however I'm keeping the Celesonic as it has decent quiet preamps and decent headroom. Ran similar tests with Reaper and Sonar Platinum Pro and had no latency drift/shift, no digital buzzes or pops using the Tascam Celesonic, or the zoom R24. These DAWs tracked perfectly. That’s why I think Cakewalk/Bandlab is the culprit. Before the above tests I reinstalled Windows, all the programs and all the ASIO drivers per instructions (no usb devices hooked up etc.). Check out the MP3 of the test. Drums were MIDI and recorded to an audio track simultaneously. At about 0:27 the first latency shift happens. It’s very obvious. Then it seems to drift farther and farther off until the end of the 1:40 long recording. The background noise is from the kitchen! I think I could get away with using the Zoom R24 or the Line 6 Helix floor becuase the drift/shift corrects itself, but at the expense of a digital burst every so often. If it doesn't ruin the take, then everything seems ok. Zoom R24 preamps are a drag after using Tascam pre's, and the Helix is often at gigs (before COVID19). So I will go back to Platinum Pro for now. If anyone out there has a Tascam celesonic or it's smaller sibling interface, please share your experiences. The "monitor off" in the file name indicates the track monitor for the mic channel was turned off, per instructions from Tascam. Also it would have fed back as the mic was aimed at the speaker to record the MIDI drum track acoustically. I hope you can duplicate this problem and eventually fix it, if you agree it is a problem. Thank you! =================== The issue was solved by a chance discovery that the config file was bloated with many references to ASIO driver installations for various different audo interfaces that had since been uninstalled, however the config file still had those drivers in the conifg file. So, since my old Sonar Platinum was running with no latency issues, I replaced the bloated CakewalkBandlab config file with the much smaller Sonar file and that fixed everything. Problems solved. No more latency jumps or shifts with the Tascam Celesonic and Cakewalk Bandlab. Thanks!! latency test 1 monitor off.mp3
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