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  1. NealClark

    VS-700c driver

    I am aware of the history of the VS-700 and it's integration with Cakewalk during the years Roland were involved. However your original question is slightly confusing as you were asking how to get the VS-700 working on "OSX Catalina" and obviously Cakewalk does not run on OSX as it Windows only.
  2. NealClark

    VS-700c driver

    The Roland website is the place to go for support on your VS-700 but it mentions this with regard to the 10.5 driver. * When you use this driver version, you must update the V-STUDIO 700C (Console) to the latest System Update v1.31. You can find more information here :- https://www.roland.com/global/support/by_product/v-studio_700/updates_drivers/
  3. There is a Key+ slider on the MIDI panel of the of the inspector. You can use this to transpose your MIDI notes.
  4. you can use X-RAY with the Shift-X keys to make the plugin fade to the back and reverse it with the same keys
  5. No I meant this software. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/davinciresolve/ There is a paid version referred to as "Studio" or a completely free version. The free version will do just about anything you want as far as video editing goes unless you are a pro film or tv production editor. It has features that rival just about any other video editor out there, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas etc. For anyone wanting to work with video it's a total no brainer. So long as you have a decent processor, a decent amout of RAM and a compatible Cuda or OpenCL graphics card it will work. Totally free .....what's not to like. You can also use your existing VST's in it's "fairlight audio" section too.
  6. In my install of CbB, and indeed all my other installs of Sonar Platinum and Sonar X3, the "Insert Audio Track" and "Insert Midi Track" do NOT insert above the currently selected track and never have. if I use CTRL-T, to insert an audio track, it appears as the last track in my list and the same applies to CTRL-Shift-T for midi tracks.
  7. I would suggest using a different workflow that would allow you greater control. I do similar YouTube videos and do all of the matching of video and audio in the Video editing software, something that is designed for exactly that purpose, and not in your DAW. Cakewalk only has limited abilities regarding exporting of video, it's really designed to allow you to bring video in for viewing whilst you write music, rather than be exporting video out and I would suggest a fully featured Video editor would give you far more options and better results. If your PC is capable I would highly recommend using Davinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design. There is a fully featured version available from their webiste for free. It does have some fairly high requirements for hardware though. Using that I bring in audio I have exported from Cakewalk and line it up as required. I can then export the combined video and audio in much higher quality video formats than Cakewalk natively supports.
  8. The frustration is what was once a press a button, and a couple of clicks now has an addition 3 or 4 steps for each new track. It's taken us experienced users a long time to get a productive workflow honed down to the simplest and most functional method. I'd like to try and understand the logic for adding this new way of working but for now I can't see any benefit.
  9. Yes. I'd be happy with that. I do think it's one of those occasions where the "if it isn't broken, dont fix it" rule should have been applied. I am not sure I see the logic in adding this functionality. Maybe I am missing something though and my normal workflow wasn't showing up an issue. I've been working the same way since Sonar 8 and now find this change interrupting my productivity. I also use a Control Surface to speed up my workflow and this change now just gets in the way and makes extra work for me.
  10. Thanks for your prompt attention to this. Personally I am not sure the new Insert Track functionionality is in any way a step forward. It seems to be a solution to a problem that didnt exist. As a long time Sonar user I've never had issues with the way tracks were inserted and now find the "insert above" behaviour very annoying. This is even more frustrating in situations where I am building a large template for orchestral compostions. As I build the the template, folowing a logical path through the instruments, I now have to drag or move new tracks every time. This can get very tedious.
  11. I have always used the inbuilt ability of Cakewalk to create Bundle files. These can be sent to another user or put onto a cloud storage area, dropbox, google drive, one drive etc and be shared to another user. The Bundle file contains all of the project, settings and can include all audio files, all "bundeled" into a single file. If you are using plugins / instruments, they need to be on both users systems to allow complete ability for each user to edit the project. So it's worth sticking to stock included plugins etc. You can however "freeze" tracks and bounce them within the project so that those plugins aren't required on each PC. Hope that makes sense. Bundles are easy enough to create from your open project. Do a "Save as" and select the filetype as Bundle and tick any relevant boxes for the audio to include.
  12. By using automation controls.
  13. I have come across an issue with the revised insert track / instrument functionality. I have a project that contains all of the tracks within folders. When I now want to insert a new instrument track it assumes that I want it to go into an existing folder. The option to create a folder is greyed out. This means that I have to create the instrument track in an existing folder, create a new folder and then move the instrument track to it. If i have a track outside of the folders it allows me to insert a track as normal with the option to create a folder should I wish to do so. I'm not sure if this is directly related to the updated insert track / instrument behavior although I hadnt noticed it before. Am I missing something or is this a slight "bug" ? EDITED: Further to this issue. It seems that once an instrument is added to an existing folder, by the odd behaviour I detailed above, the ability to right click on a track and select "remove from folder" does not work. Also I cannot drag and drop the instrument back into a space where it would just become a single track again. All very odd.
  14. I keep getting issues when using my Behringer X-Touch with CbB. In the Mackie Control settings I have options set for Solo Selects Channel, Fader Touch Selects Channel and Meters for Signal LEDs + Meters. Those are saved in a preset. However on some occasions when I open CbB some of those settings are cleared and I have to manually set them again. Not sure why this is happening and it gets annoying to have to keep setting these. Any ideas why this should happen ?
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