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  1. Hey Guys Thought I would fire up the Mac prototype on Mojave using RME UFX+. Not firing though. What is the go to driver on Mac does the ASIO driver mode work ? I select the WASPI'z and just get an instant no way from SPAT. Is there any docs on this or any advice Thanks
  2. Thanks for that Mike i am back in my account. Thank you. All my rapture serial numbers etc are there. So if i want to change my password or any other email generated changes do i do it then email you guys at : support@cakewalk.com or support@bandlab.com. or do i email you guys with the changes directly ?
  3. I change my Account details email address etc @ https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fMy-Account and got the following message. taccess is pending approval. Please check the email address ending in @gmail.com for instructions on how to proceed. No verification email came from Bandlab/Cakewalk. Clicked on support and read this : If you did not receive the verification email or have deleted it, when you attempt to log in a new verification email will be sent. If you are not receiving a verification email, please double-check your junk or spam folders. Have tried to log in many times and no new verification email has been sent. Tried to contact a Human and got this : Under Construction We're sorry, this part of our website is currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try back again later. Any ideas on what i can do ???????????????????? Bandlab and bandlab assistant are still allowing old log in email and password.
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