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  1. Hi you all guys, I'm Luca from D-Fused Sounds Team, I'm really sorry for what happened within the GForce M-Tron Pro, we made the best to fix this as soon as possible and refund you all in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately it was missed the digit of one "9" at the end of the price , making it €12.99 instead of €129.99 and created this hardship, apologize from all the staff here at D-Fused Sounds and this is a lesson for us, triple check in future 👍 Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Luca
  2. SOLO is the ultimate tool for composers, producers, and musicians seeking to infuse their compositions with captivating global flavors, now available at €49 until 1 october. Please note that we are not allowed to directly insert link as per forum rules, you can follow the link in the signature , thanks for your understanding!
  3. Thank you Wookiee, tried again, hope will appear now.
  4. Sorry, I actually am not able to put it in the signature 😅 that's why I put it in the text but basically is just the homepage.
  5. Thank you @audioschmaudio ❤️
  6. Platinum Bundle at €/$99 for 2 days only + extra discount in cart. The Platinum Bundle includes 60 plugins for professional music production, mixing, and mastering. https://d-fusedsounds.com
  7. Synapse Audio are running an exclusive deal of 30% off on all their products, extra discount applied in cart. www.d-fusedsounds.com
  8. Goran Grooves Handy Drums Exclusive Deal, 20% off on all drum plugins only for 3 days, prices starting from €16. Handy Drums give you access to quick and great-sounding drum tracks in your DAW of choice. www.d-fusedsounds.com
  9. Sorry Cclarry, we can't post the direct link but they should appear all the discounted products with your search link, Thank you.
  10. Steven Slate Drums Black Friday in July , up to 67% off - Steven Slate Drums 5 for € 99, expansions for € 49 Get Loyalty Cash for purchases, extra discount in cart and review your product for €Back (some exclusion may apply). https://d-fusedsounds.com
  11. D16 Group Lush 2 multilayer synthesizer, improved in functionalities and a better GUI design, now available with intro offer for the price of €89 Remember to use the code Special during checkout for up to 20% extra discount on selected products. https://d-fusedsounds.com
  12. Bundles and single products are discounted up to 90% including bestsellers: 81% off D-Fused Sounds Serum Presets Bundle, 6 packs ---> €15 61% off D-Fused Sounds Infinite Beats Bundle (5 Xo Expansion Packs) ---> €59 62% off D-Fused Sounds Infinite Color Bundle (RC-20 Presets) ---> €29 www.d-fusedsounds.com
  13. SAMPLESON SANDSTORM, a massive soundscape and atmosphere creator that produces huge and evolving ambients and textures : from Orchestral Instruments to Analog Synths, Granular and Wavetable modules, SANDSTORM can create impressive textures and ambients in seconds. Now available with intro price of €39 https://d-fusedsounds.com
  14. Zynaptiq ZAP III Bundle combines all ten of Zynaptiq acclaimed plugins into a single place, now available for € 999 www.d-fusedsounds.com
  15. Krotos Audio softwares and sound design plugins are now 50% off until 25 may. www.d-fusedsounds.com
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