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  1. Thanks , prices are updated now Kilohearts Carve EQ at D-Fused = $39 Kilohearts Carve EQ at Kilohearts = $39.50👌
  2. Indigisounds Kontakt Libraries are discounted at 50% off during Black Friday on our store D-Fused Sounds Get Free pack from DFS Collection by adding your favourite in cart www.d-fusedsounds.com
  3. During Black Friday at D-Fused Sounds Extra discount applied in the cart + Free pack from DFS Collection during check-out www.d-fusedsounds.com
  4. All Tal Software plugins are discounted -20% on D-Fused Sounds shop during Black Friday Extra discount applied in the cart + Free pack from DFS Collection during check-out www.d-fusedsounds.com
  5. Wave DNA Liquid Music + Liquid Rhythm is 50% off at D-Fused Sounds during Black Friday 16% Extra discount applied in the cart + the pack you want from DFS Collection and it will be FREE during check-out www.d-fusedsounds.com
  6. D16 Group plugins are discounted at 50% during Black Friday extra 10% discount by adding products in cart, Total Bundle at $ 499 (449.10 in cart) www.d-fusedsounds.com
  7. Just started the Black Friday Deals for Sugar Bytes, all product are discounted up to 59% Sugar Bundle is dropped at $ 399 ($359 in cart) and the newe Graindad at $ 89 (80.10 in cart) www.d-fusedsounds.com
  8. Cherry Audio have released GX-80, a synthesizer that adeptly integrates the G X-1's distinctive feature set into the CS-80 architecture. Available now, the Regular price is $ 79, intro price is $59 ($49,54 in cart). www.d-fusedsounds.com
  9. XLN Audio have dropped the price of XO the last october (it was about 180$/€) but if I not remember wrong there already was a 50% discount on it during the spring sale.
  10. You're right You can change currency from the drop-down menu at the top of the page as in image, hope this can help
  11. Infinite Beats Bundle is on sale at $/€ 55 and in cart there is an additional 10% but on our store www.d-fusedsounds.com
  12. Same works for RC-20, add it in the cart and then the Infinite Color Bundle....
  13. This is the final price you get from us after adding Xo then the Infinite Bundle in the cart. I can't say we like it because it is easy win so but I can add a link from ADSR about it and a customer of them reviewed it , obviously then it is subjective but would be great to know if someone have tried it too and his opinion https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/presets/d-fused-sounds-infinite-beats-bundle-xo-presets/
  14. Final price after placing it in the cart...
  15. Xhun Audio are having a Black Friday Sale with discounts up to 78%, ModFlorus, WindChant and KickBeat for $9 Extra discount applied in cart, get also a free collection from D-Fused Sounds, more info at www.d-fusedsounds.com
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