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  1. Hi! Now i posted something before i read yours... Maybe the Command center solves the registration issue for me as well! Thanx!
  2. Thanx again! it actually helped to RESET (not SCAN) in preferences - vst. Now i have it among my instruments. But...: When trying to register, i get: Invalid registration code(!), please make sure to enter... etc. This is strange, i think. Yes, i have double-and doublechecked. I do have a valid code. Anyone else have experienced this? It cant be "too old", can it? I think its dated back in 2014.
  3. vst. Afaik we lost the whole dxi thing some years / versions ago, right? I guess that is why you ask:) ... thanx!
  4. Thanx for reply. I really didnt install the standalone thing. I may try that! And ty for the link, i will check. EDIT: I ran the installer manually. Is the "Command Center" to recommend? I will check, thanx again.
  5. Hi forum. Long time on-and-off-user here. I guess this subject has been adressed before (a few times?) but my searches didnt help me. Anyway..., so: I'm trying to install Dimension pro 64 bit on my fairly new DAW (64 bit win 10, stationary modern computer with some ASUS mb), for use in Cakewalk. It simply does not work. I cannot see it among my VSTi-s. I have re-installed it a few times, re-scanned vst-s, restarted computer etcetc, and made sure i run the install as admin. My other VST-s (and VSTi-s) works all fine. Any ideas? Am i missing something obvious:)? Cheers Bengt
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