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  1. Congratulations Mike, I figured I would not win. Never wins any kind of internet contests. laughs Glad that it was for a great user of Cakewalk
  2. I have deep respect for Cakewalk. My music school all students use Cakewalk by Bandlab and they make comparisons with competitors and actually prefer Cakewalk 2019 for the quality of the tools. I teach with Cakewalk and see all my investment from years ago when I started studying Cakewalk products at the time of Cakewalk Pro Audio 8. Today it's amazing to give music students the opportunity to have all this power in hand for free. I am a super fan and I have deep gratitude for Cake. Thank you, I have had the great pleasure of even doing my part and giving my donation at the launch of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've already voted and I believe that Bandlab / Cakewalk could now focus on new and native VSTI and VST. It would also be interesting to focus on this.
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