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  1. Hence the reason why the plugin sometimes doesn't work. If I installed Amplitube v2 in the Program Files (x86) folder, it would not work as it was not found. Installing it in the folder in my post was the workaround/solution.
  2. If you still cannot get Bandlab to download, run the Bandlab Assistant in Administrator mode and this will allow you to download in and install the Bandlab Apps.
  3. Run the "Bandlab Assistant" in administrator mode and it should work.
  4. And this is why you do not update to the latest and greatest when it comes to operating systems, especially Microsoft. What was the old saying? Wait until service pack two at least before upgrading! 😂 I have Windows updates turned off completely because of problems like this. Issues like this May update have cost me more hours reinstalling Windows than I care to remember. I think I will wait another couple of months and see how things unfold before I do the upgrade. 🤓
  5. So you are loading a Midi song then by the sounds of it? If I am right with what you are saying, you can either right click the midi file in explorer, in the popup menu, click on open with and select Cakewalk Application. This will load the Midi song into Cakewalk. This will load your 12 tracks (As from your post) into Cakewalk for you to edit etc. Or you could use File/Import/Midi to load your midi songs. You can open more than 1 Midi file (Project) at a time, so you can drag and drop Clips from one project to another easily enough.
  6. What was the reason behind this change? I have literally 100's of different projects, and this means lots of more work for me having to setup the exact same options which I would have used for each project. With all due respect, I shouldn't have to to do what you are suggesting. Why can't you add a option to allow me to use the same settings 'Snap' settings globally and save myself and other time wasted by having to redo the same thing over and over?
  7. My advice to you on this is not to worry about whether you are printing to hot or to cold. The only thing you should worry about is whether or not your buses are clipping as Digital clipping is not something you want in your tracks. Others might have different advice from myself....
  8. Thank you for the answer regarding this. I have 100's of different projects and I really do not want to have to continually redo my Snap to Grid setting for each one. To me this is a set and forget as I use this Globally.
  9. All you have to do is Drag the Midi clips on top of each other (Making sure that they all start at the same place), then you can select all the elements and then "bounce to clips" so you then have one Clip.
  10. I can confirm that this happens to myself as well. I can load it from Explorer however easily enough.
  11. Bump. Can someone please let me know if the "Snap to Grid" settings in Preferences have changed to a "Project level" only or are still Global? Everytime I open a project I have to continually reset the Snap to Grid settings and the Snap to Grid Settings only show in Preferences if I have a project open. Is this a bug or by design please?
  12. In Preferences/Audio/Configuration File - Is ThreadSchedulingModel set to 2? If it is set to 3, change it to 2 and see if that makes a difference?
  13. Glad my post was able to get you pointing in the right direction. :) You can switch Drum Kits via the EzDrummer interface. Just click on the little Piano Icon next to the Track Number and that will open the EzDrummer Interface. When the EzDrummer interface is open, there is a big orange box (Next to where it says Menu), Click on that Orange box, and it should give you an option to select aonther Drum Kit. This Video should show you how to mix and match different kit elements to make your own Drum kit. There are many video's on Youtube on the usage of EzDrummer 2. This video is still relevent, even though it is on a different DAW.
  14. Just let you know that this issue is due to Flash crashing or Calkwalk crashing Flash (Not the song, but the pain in the ***** software by Adobe 🤣). I had my Browser (Firefox) open with a Youtube Video paused. I noticed that when I had the issue above, the Video would turn to a greenscreen. Rebooted, no browser open, flash disabled on my system and I haven't had a crash since.
  15. I have been trying to Edit the Tempo map of a Wav file for the last 4-5 hours, but I constantly keep getting what looks like a Graphics issue and then Cakewalk Crashes with no dump file. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, just aligning the Transients up with the Grid, and every now and then I click on 'Set Project from Clip' in the AudioSnap box. Once I do that, I get the Graphics Issue (As in the image below) followed a few minutes later with Calkwalk crashing. I assumed this might be due to a Graphics Card Driver issue, so I updated my Nivida drivers to the latest version but to no avail. I loaded up Sonar, and this did the exact same thing.
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