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  1. I would also like to add, sometimes unfreezing a track, the preset name is forgotten and the default instrument preset is use instead.
  2. When I load a song with previously frozen tracks, in some cases the frozen tracks cannot be unfrozen as the frozen icon (unfreeze synth) is not available. This is random as hell, as sometimes I will load a song with frozen tracks and can unfreeze, but some other times I will load the same song and I cannot unfreeze a frozen track. It's annoying as hell.
  3. They are saying that you need to disable your network device. Click on Change Adapter Settings, Select and highlight your network device and click on 'Disable this network device' from the toolbar.
  4. Does this happen with all projects, or only this one? Do you have Sync and Caching: Read and Write caching enabled? Have you tried Disabling all the Audio clips and enabling them one by one, to see if this changes the audio pops and clicks? In the Configuration Settings, what is ThreadSchedulingModel set too? If it is 3, try setting to 2. Going to be honest, but this does sound like your computer cannot handle the 'read write' from your hard drive, and it is bottlenecking when trying to read all that audio and play with this track. Audio buffer underruns will cause the behaviour you are saying that you are having. If you unfreeze all your tracks, does your track still pop and crackle when playing it? Remember to move your Audio Driver buffer to Safe while testing. I used to have this very same issue with Calkwalk, I then upgraded to a couple of SDD Evo drives from my projects, samples (Kontakt etc) and a seperate SDD for my OS.
  5. That is not LatencyMon, that is their registry management tool. Download LatencyMon from this direct link and install it: https://www.resplendence.com/download/LatencyMon.exe
  6. Do you have custom kits using custom wav samples? It could be a case that you have missing samples in the kits used in those projects.
  7. ^This right on the button. Having to continually tick every one of these boxes every time I load a project is an annoyance. These should be global settings.
  8. When changing a Folder colour, change all the tracks under that folder to the same colour. This would save me tons of time.
  9. Which is wonderful for people like yourself. But for people like myself, I have to continually reset/redo to the same settings for different projects. It really gets old after a while.
  10. I have 100's of different projects and this will not help me. While this works for you, it doesn't work for me. I work with the same snap settings (Set and forget) for all my projects and having to set them all the time is becoming a royal pain in the *****. Can't there be a global settings, and a override or remember state in the projects settings for people like youself?
  11. Would it be possible for the 'Snap to Grid' Options and Settings to be Global, rather than at a Project level please? I just want to be able to set these options once, and use my specfic settings for every Project. Having to reset these settings for each individual Project gets tedious after a while.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. No I don't, this computer was was built and Windows optimized for music. I use three DAWS, Cakewalk, Reaper and Studio One. I have no issues with Reaper or Studio One. I uninstalled Cakewalk and did a fresh install, and I still have the same issues. Unlike Reaper and Studio One, I find that Cakewalk will cause me issues even on a very small projects. I have drop outs, sync issues, especially when adding and turning on and off FX plugins (I am not talking about CPU intensive plugins) and it does take much to have latency issues when recording Guitars or Vocals. Yet I don't seem to have these issues in Studio One or Reaper. It really becomes an annoyance having to stop and restart projects after turning on and off, due to sync issues (The track goes out of sync with the rest of the track) or having to drop the buffer size to the lowest setting just to get a project to play without drop outs. I really like Cakewalk, but these performance issues are making it hard for me to keep using it 😢
  13. I was hoping there was something like 'Set bar offset to Cursor', which is available in Studio One.
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