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  1. Firstly I would like to say thank you for the update, a lot of the issues I was having have been fixed and this version does seem a lot smoother. However, I really dislike one of the changes to the smart tools regarding 'Draw'. In previous versions I was able to manually draw the time length between two points as I was able to switch off the 'Note Draw Notation', now I am forced to use time options because I cannot switch it off (Like in previous versions). Is there any chance the previous behaviour could be restored or am I missing something with the new changes? Cheers,
  2. Hi There, I am a long time user of Invision forums (I use it for my own communities) and I would like to ask that if possible you could add a lot more of the forum's functionality and tools which would make using this forum a lot easier for old and new users a like. Could you enable or at least think about adding: A Topic Block for the newest Topics/Posts on the forum Index. The ability to switch the forum from a Traditional, Grid or fluid View, All Activity Streams etc (So I can create my own) and Quick Content abilities (Content I started etc), 'Unread Content' menu Item, this makes reading unread items quicker and easier. Thank you for your consideration Cheers,
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