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  1. The synth is Lord of the Springs, by Taron. The vst doesn't have an setup (You've install it manually), and I did not found information about the installation of the presets. Well... I'll keep searching information. About it.
  2. Well, I recently install a synth, and it works fine but I can't install his presets. The extension of the presets are .lsp and the cakewalk doesn't recognize it. There's a way to install it?
  3. I can't install Cakewalk. Every time I start the download (In the process of: Downloading... (0/5) ), it suddenly stop. The time that the download stop it's random: could spend an hour downloading, and sometimes just passed 15 minutes, but it always stop (Sometimes when the progress it's (5/5) or (3/5). I don't know if this it's normal. But I've tried install cakewalk for an entire week and I'd never made it. What can I do? (Btw: my download speed is very bad tho, meaby that's the main issue, but there's no other alternative?)
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