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  1. Thank you all so kindly for trying to help a fella out! Turns out...I had to set that input for GetGoodDrums to "Omni," and to get my MIDI drums to trigger the expected sounds of the kit, I had to use the "GM" preset instead of the "Invasion" preset (which was the default for some reason) for proper drum-mapping. So all said...THANK YOU ALL! I am elated right now and feel like an idiot at the same time for not even knowing how to navigate the GUI well enough to investigate things on my own. But, teamwork made the dream work. Cheers all!
  2. Thanks, but that did not help me. Believe it or not, I started there before posting here. I've used Kontakt in the not so recent past though for Steven Slate drums and for Shreddage 3 (Hydra) and never had issues like I'm experiencing here. Perhaps treesha's helpful post above will be the ticket. I will post here when I find out as an update. Thank you though for posting that link at any rate.
  3. I'm not near my PC at the moment as well, but I will definitely check on this when I return home. I will let you know either way if this makes headway for me. Thank you kindly for responding to my issue. Fingers crossed! Best, C.J.
  4. Greetings, I'm in dire need of some help here... First, I'll preface that I have not really used Kontakt enough to be even remotely cognizant of what I may be missing here, and this is also my first time using GetGoodDrums. I typically use Superior Drummer 3 for my drum sounds, and I have no issues whatsoever getting those drum libraries to work flawlessly in my DAW. I've installed the GetGoodDrums' "Metal" sample library, and within Kontakt/GetGood's user interface (inserted as a soft-synth into a Cakewalk by Bandlab project), as I click on each graphic of the drum-pieces of the kit to hear the single drum-piece play back its sound, I can hear it just as is expected without issue. That tells me that everything is installed properly. However, my issue is that as I play back my prepared MIDI drum track, I cannot hear my GetGoodDrums' sound library playing, and it's as if it's not receiving the MIDI information from my drum track at all. I'm sure it is something very simple that I am missing. So to recap: I can click on each drum-piece in GetGoodDrums, and the sound that I hear from doing so plays back as is expected. I've routed my MIDI drum track's output to Kontakt like I typically would using Superior Drummer 3, and I can see that my MIDI track is playing. GetGoodDrums/Kontakt however does not appear to be receiving any MIDI information at all though from my MIDI drum track, as the kit does not appear to play or react and the track's dB meter does not react. There must be something in GetGoodDrums that I'm missing which would allow itself to receive my MIDI drum track's CC information so that it plays as expected with the sounds from the drum library. Any ideas at all? I would greatly appreciate it...especially if GetGoodDrums users who use Cakewalk by Bandlab can chime in. Thank you all in advance.
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