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  1. Hey, you've nailed that indie jam-band style down pat -- grooves right along.  Mix and such were good -- this is a terrific demo for your song.  Best wishes~~~~Allan


  2. Very soulful sound -- mix and arrangement is terrific -- really like the pad of voice harmonies (though I thought he might be better placed in the mix).  Vocal was also very nice  (Morrissey vibe?).   

    Good wishes~~~~~Allan


  3. You've really got that vibe down pat with this one -- vox and such are right in the pocket.  And...dare I say this...I found the guitar break to be kinda beautiful -- well thought out, very well played with ringing resonant tones.  And yes, I did bob my head while listening.  Good one, mate!



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  4. The thing(s) that made the Dan so incredibly great is that Fagen & Becker could write commercially catchy songs that were often bedded in intricate jazz arrangements.  A tough thing to do of course.  While your music doesn't rise to the level of the Dan (whose does?) it certainly does aim high in that regard.  And for that I say Bravo!



  5. I always have a good feeling listening to your music and this is no exception -- well mixed and the choices of instruments are interesting.  That low growling bassy sounding synth fit the mix very nicely.  This was a good listen mate.



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  6. Very nicely done -- those guitar and bass tones are super duper.  My favorite was the third piece -- it flows beautifully and the arrangement/mix are top notch.   Man, that piece is screaming for some vocals on it -- it would be great.  



  7. I listened to the first song -- it's a good demo but needs some work on the mix and arrangement.   I liked the chorus melody (more harmonies!) and the lyric.  The recording needs more definition -- all the parts are there.  Wishing you the best -- Allan



  8. Your recording and mix is very good.  I also like your guitar playing -- terrific tone.  I enjoyed listening to this -- very well done.   ~Allan

  9. Hey, terrific demo -- mix is good and everything is well performed.  I think the vocals could be spread a bit in the chorus.  I enjoyed this as it has an 80s feel to it -- the only nit I have was having to look at Che.   ~Allan

  10. Hey Freddy -- love the sound on that harmonica -- very nice.  I like the dryness of the guitar -- a funky sound that would be washed if it had more reverb.  There's a slight syncopation glitch between the guitar and the vocal -- the timing of your vocal delivery sounds just a little off to me from the get-go.  But it's surely another terrific demo from you.  I enjoyed it.  ~ Allan


  11. On 3/25/2019 at 7:47 PM, Jesse Screed said:


    a masterpece

    abull, i had a dream about you

    thanks for the experience

    right it

    write it


    in your opinion, what matters?



    Write on Jesse.

  12. Freddy -- another one of your master blues-rock demos -- great mix and playing.  The bass might need more definition in the mix but hey... --  Allan

  13. On 3/24/2019 at 6:30 PM, freddy j said:

    What a great tune!!!  The melody really pulls one in to the song and your vocal performance is excellent, as are the BGV's.

    Excellent song Allan!

    Thanks Freddy glad you like it -- thanks for listening & commenting  -- Allan

  14. On 3/24/2019 at 9:23 AM, Douglas Kirby said:

    That was a catchy tune - I liked it.  That lead guitar tone was unusual, and it worked well. The chorus was a good hook. The mix sounded good to me.

    Good lead vocal and bgvs - sounded cool to me.

    Hey Douglas, glad you like it -- thanks for listening & commenting -- Allan


  15. Hey Bob, another cooker from you -- the mix is great.  The instruments have the perfect amount of punch and kick and your vocal is terrific.  You're a master of this genre for sure.  I'm looking forward to hearing your next song -- Allan


  16. On 3/1/2019 at 1:33 PM, soundregion said:

    Nice mix and nice vocals. The bassline sounds a bit off in my ears, but maybe it's not supposed to sound "traditional"? 

    Hey, thanks for listening and commenting -- Allan


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