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  1. Hey man, love that guitar tone (are you a Rory Gallagher fan?) -- very nicely played  -- the overall mix and sound is very good -- spot-on vox -- thanks for making my toes tap~~Allan

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  2. Hey Paul -- you've got a terrific voice -- I like your phrasing and the sound of your voice.  The arrangement got better as the song progressed -- like that tag a lot.  This is a very good demo of a very good pop song -- nice work!~~Allan


  3. Very nice demo of your song -- mix and arrangement are top notch -- I hear a touch of Waylon in your voice which is very appealing -- good work~~Allan

  4. Hey Douglas, wow those drums are crackin' in that intro - reverb sounds great -- but then during the song they lose some of the punch.  To me, it sounds like the heavy use of reverb throughout the mix is making the overall sound a bit mushy.  I like your sneering vox and the chord changes from verse to chorus.  Oh, that rhyme of "annoyed" and "toy"  -- good one.~~Allan


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  5. Hey Rex, another terrific demo from you - the mix is very good -- I like your acoustic guitar playing: the rhythm is slightly unusual -- and, your vocal is spot-on:  a warm resonate sound coupled with good phrasing.  Good work~~Allan


  6. On 2/24/2020 at 4:37 PM, Douglas Kirby said:

    I should have know it was an sm57 - there's a reason it's been around forever😀

    Yeah, and they last a long time -- I've had mine for years and it gets a lot of use -- and oh yeah, I use the mic a lot too~~Allan.

  7. On 2/29/2020 at 10:24 PM, Starise said:

    I enjoyed the retro sound this has. Even though it has a 60's Beatles vibe to it I pick up clearly on the individuality in it as well. The mix is subjective and i might have done a few thing you did differently. I will let it at that because one isn't better than the other in this case. That 60's music wasn't made the same as modern music.

    Hey, I'm glad you like the song -- thanks for listening & commenting~~Allan.

  8. On 2/24/2020 at 8:58 PM, freddy j said:

    Nice one Allan.  I also think that this does have a bit of a Joe Jackson feel.  Any way it is well put together - good performance, arrangement etc.  with good vocals and harmonies.  Well done!

    Why thanks Freddy -- I'm pleased that you like it~~Allan.

  9. On 2/22/2020 at 5:28 AM, Johnbee58 said:


    After listening to your song several times, I must say that I like it, but small nit is the second time you repeat "today" and sustain it. The harmony in the vocals sounds a bit off.  Maybe this is what you're trying to accomplish in an artistic sense, but it does sound a bit chaotic to my ears.  It's a good song though and a great production otherwise, but if it were my song, I'd tighten up the harmony there just a bit.  But again, if it's artistic choice for effect I respect that.

    😉John B

    Hi John, thanks for the tip -- I'm pleased you listened a few times and that you like the song--much appreciated mate~~Allan.

  10. On 2/20/2020 at 4:31 AM, garybrun said:

    Nice Allan...  trying to work out whom your voice reminds me off.
    Little bit of the Stranglers I think.

    Hey Gary, can't say I hear that but I'll take the compliment :)   I'm not a huge fan of The Stranglers songwriting and I'm not overly familiar with them but I've heard a bunch of their music that I've liked -- esp. JJ's roaring bass and those proggy keys~~Allan.

  11. On 2/19/2020 at 4:39 PM, Douglas Kirby said:

    Cool song - the chorus has a 60's retro vibe to it. I liked the tone of your lead vocal - what mic did you use on this?

    Overall the mix sounded quite good to my ears.

    Hi Douglas, that's my one and only mic -- the sm57.  Glad ya like the song -- thanks~~Allan.

  12. A little too upbeat lyrically for me :) but hey, that's just me -- this was wonderfully done (I like that line about breaking branches -- clever)~~Allan.

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