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    oh yeah, ....fub.... and...Soundcloud said...


    image.png.69a4ef40c133553d8e4aca0435bca12e.pngLynn Wilson

    Lynn Wilson liked your track "THAT MOUTH"Liked 13 days ago13 days ago

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  2. On 8/9/2020 at 4:03 AM, RexRed said:



    Hope you like Cakewalk peeps! 

    Hey Rex, this is a very good demo of your song -- your vocals are expressive and pleasing -- the arrangement is also very good -- the mix is perfect (except the drums might come up a tad).  My only nit is the lyrics -- they fit the song as is but are somewhat predictable.  You are consistently good at what you do~~Allan.

  3. Very well done indeed.  This is perhaps the best -- in terms of the recording -- piece I've heard on this forum in quite a bit.   The arrangement is interesting, melodic and very well played -- the mix is terrific -- the guitar playing is solid and and the tones are tasty  -- the drummer is quite good.  My only nit is that this would have more impact and musicality with a solid bass player doing some interesting lines.   Good luck with your album.  (This should have had a lot of replies on this forum, but...)~~Allan


  4. Hey Freddy, I'm a little taken aback by this kinder and gentler version of Freddy -- I kept expecting some lyrical zingers.  However, this was very enjoyable -- I like the way you did the hi-lo vocals -- very creative.  And, I like the slightly out of left field guitar break -- you didn't go for the obvious lines there.  Mix is clear and the arrangement is terrific--good work~~Allan.

  5. Hey Mark, this was well done indeed-- I expected to hear Michael Franks start singing :)  -- beautifully played and recorded and the mix is top-notch--great work~~Allan

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  6. Although I listen mostly to bebop style jazz, I do appreciate it when someone creates a piece as satisfying as this -- great arrangement, playing and mix.  Kudos~~Allan

  7. Hey Douglas, very good mix on this -- clear as a bell and pleasing to hear -- I like your Squeeze-like harmonies  ("Yeah...") -- good luck with this and your album~~Allan


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  8. On 7/20/2020 at 6:15 AM, Douglas Kirby said:

    I like the groove of the song - the bass really drives it along.  I like your lead vocal and the vocal harmonies on this one - nice job there.

    The chorus is a good hook for the song. I really liked that wah guitar as well.

    I thought the mix sounded pretty good to me - well done.

    Hey Douglas, glad you like the song -- thanks for listening and commenting -- much appreciated~~Allan

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