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  1. Hi ALL, Has anyone got a Korg Kross 2 Instrument Definition file for Cakewalk please Brian
  2. Brian

    Midi Controller Keyboard

    Hi all, I was initially looking at buying a 49 note keyboard with 8 encoders/controllers but as I have already a 61 note keyboard that can output midi and a Korg nanocontroller I am beging to wonder if another keyboard is really required ?
  3. Brian

    Midi Controller Keyboard

    Hi ALL, I currently because I already have it use my Yamaha SX700 arranger keyboard as a midi keyboard, but thinking about purchasing a dedicated midi controller keyboard I would like something with at at least 8 controllers and 49 keys any recommendations , Brian007
  4. Hi Mark, Thanks a lot for all the information I very sure it will help me a lot in the near future, All the best, Brian
  5. Hi, I havent got either yet but it will be a nanoKONTROL 2 I was just making sure it would do what I wanted and work with CW Many thanks Brian
  6. Has anyone any experience of using a Korg Nano Controller as a surface to control volume and pan in tracks basically to the work together ? Brian
  7. hI all, When trying to update Cakewalk it gets as far instal and the stops at halfway through the instal and just stays there ? Scared to uninstall in case the same happens again , anyone have any thoughts Brian
  8. Hi Everyone, Thanks very much for your replies and I certainly will try them out, All the best, Brian
  9. Hi ALL, What's the best way to turn a 4 bar midi loop into a 32 bar continuous midi ? Brian007
  10. Hi ALL, Just a quick update to say the CONNECT will actually work as a stand alone program, its a quick way to load and save files from the Modx Brian
  11. Hi Alan, Thanks for your replay and the info, plenty things to do then to get ready for the delivery All the Best, Brian
  12. Hi Jim, Thanks for the info as regards to MODX CONNECT, just a quick question , it says it will work as a stand alone piece of software ? so does that mean I can use it without Cubase and just as any normal windows program ? Brian
  13. Hi 57Gregy Delivery of the Modx is not until Wednesday, so just trying to find out if there is anything I should be aware of before I start trying to record I have successfully recorded my MX49 into Cakewalk so without any problems so hopefully the Modx will be the same, I will be using Midi via a USB cable , no interface as I only record built in sounds and no guitars or live instruments or vocals, have downloaded the midi / audio driver ready , so hopefully all will go well, thanks for the reply. All the best Brian
  14. Hi All, Any one successfully using Cakewalk to record midi from a Yamaha Modx ? Any info settings will be really helpfully Brian
  15. Hi All, Any one successfully using Cakewalk to record midi from a Yamaha Modx ? Any info settings will be really helpfully Brian
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