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  1. They were the first forum I ever joined, shortly after my very belated entry onto the stage of the internet (where I remain largely anonymous). So at least all of my early naivete is now forever hidden. Such as telling a guy there that he looked just like the composer Sibelius (I didn't know yet what avatars were. how embarrassing). I'm pretty sure they banned me for posting "A Boy Named Sue," in reference to my misinterpreting the gender of someone there, who had what appeared to be a purposefully confusing name. After awhile they wouldn't even allow me to email them to ask them what was up. I gave up on them at that point, figuring they were barely hanging on. Which apparently was true.
  2. https://www.roland.com/global/products/sound_canvas_va/ I think you can still get it for 150.00. you can also rent it but that is not cost-efficient of course. It has loads of stuff. Probably the best synth of its type in the world.
  3. I decided printing Cakewalk scores to be not worth it a long time ago. I found I was better off exporting to a notation program and fixing things there, where there is more awareness of musical notation. there are many levels to choose from, including free (MuseScore). You probably already know this, though. Just my two centavos. Plus, so few actually use notation that I didn't want your thread to suffer neglect!
  4. Age has nothing to do with it. Besides, we all know that people get smarter as they get older, right?😏
  5. My plan also. I really despise Windows 10. No offense meant toward those like it (or are able to tolerate it). Just my (somewhat paranoid Luddite) opinion).
  6. Another way to do it is with the Length procedure, under Processes. But it works by percentages. So, if you want to change all the notes by 30%, you put in 70%. Half would obviously be 50%. It can get tricky, so I keep the calculator handy. but it works.
  7. I just tried inserting TTS-1 via Synth View/rack, and it immediately crashed Cakewalk. However, inserting it that way in a new project worked. Suggesting some setting in my older projects is the culprit.
  8. A staff view user, yay! I find it easier to cut and paste in staff view. Just select the note or notes you need and either copy/paste or cut/paste. The Move tool gives me problems also. Fortunately, there's usually another way to do it.
  9. More info on this: I tried inserting a new instance of TTS into one of the older projects, where the existing TTS instances do work. first time it crashed CbB immediately. Second time I got it inserted, but it crashed when I tried loading an instrument. How do I tell if an instance is 32 or 64 bit? Also, is TTS only DXI, or is there a VST version?
  10. Jim, that should, theoretically, work. I'll have to wait until I'm feeling either very bored or adventurous to try it. Although it seems safe enough. Nothing to lose, except upgrading to the most recent CbB is slightly risky. Past upgrades have been problematic at times for me. I knew and loved the VSC, still have it installed on my old computer with Sonar Home Studio 6, I believe. The variety of sounds there is amazing. Including a Shanai, ancestor to the oboe. where else you gonna find that?
  11. It does have cool sounds, including some instruments I don't have, like a soprano sax. I have used low and high strings to good effect also.
  12. Possible, Jim. Originally I started with Windows 98. When I moved to my next computer, it came with Vista 32, so I assumed that's all it was capable of. When I upgraded to Windows 7, I installed the 32 bit version, not realizing my system could actually handle 64 bit (I was still pretty stupid in those days). Eventually I figured out it could indeed handle 64, if I upgraded my memory. About 5 years ago I got my current rig. I have ported over all my projects from one machine to the other, so they all started as 32 bit versions. So it could be that the instances of TTS-1 are all 32 bit. And I am now attempting to load 32 bit versions on a 64 bit system . I will check into this, hopefully you are on to something here. By the way, was there ever a TTS-2? Just wondering.
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