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  1. A staff view user, yay! I find it easier to cut and paste in staff view. Just select the note or notes you need and either copy/paste or cut/paste. The Move tool gives me problems also. Fortunately, there's usually another way to do it.
  2. More info on this: I tried inserting a new instance of TTS into one of the older projects, where the existing TTS instances do work. first time it crashed CbB immediately. Second time I got it inserted, but it crashed when I tried loading an instrument. How do I tell if an instance is 32 or 64 bit? Also, is TTS only DXI, or is there a VST version?
  3. Jim, that should, theoretically, work. I'll have to wait until I'm feeling either very bored or adventurous to try it. Although it seems safe enough. Nothing to lose, except upgrading to the most recent CbB is slightly risky. Past upgrades have been problematic at times for me. I knew and loved the VSC, still have it installed on my old computer with Sonar Home Studio 6, I believe. The variety of sounds there is amazing. Including a Shanai, ancestor to the oboe. where else you gonna find that?
  4. It does have cool sounds, including some instruments I don't have, like a soprano sax. I have used low and high strings to good effect also.
  5. Possible, Jim. Originally I started with Windows 98. When I moved to my next computer, it came with Vista 32, so I assumed that's all it was capable of. When I upgraded to Windows 7, I installed the 32 bit version, not realizing my system could actually handle 64 bit (I was still pretty stupid in those days). Eventually I figured out it could indeed handle 64, if I upgraded my memory. About 5 years ago I got my current rig. I have ported over all my projects from one machine to the other, so they all started as 32 bit versions. So it could be that the instances of TTS-1 are all 32 bit. And I am now attempting to load 32 bit versions on a 64 bit system . I will check into this, hopefully you are on to something here. By the way, was there ever a TTS-2? Just wondering.
  6. I use the 44 sampling rate, which I believe is default? I don't change that. So that is not the problem. Old projects also using that. But now I wonder, should I use a different rate? Would my music sound better?
  7. I haven't been able to use TTS-1 in any projects since migrating to CbB. (I'm using the version right before the latest update). I had basically given up on it. Last night I loaded up some old projects from a CD I had them saved on. The TTS-1 instruments worked, although there were some crashes. But I was able to get them all working. Can't figure out why it loads and works on old projects, but if I try to introduce it into new ones, the project crashes. But if I can figure it out, with a little help from my friends, maybe I can start using it again. It's always good to have a decent general midi set. you never know when you might need it. Thanks, Michael
  8. I looked at the documentation, Bob. As usual, nothing said about using it in staff view. Why am I not surprised... Yes Bandlab, there are people who use staff view. Still.
  9. My wish is to be able to have "Select" be the default, and then manually choose which tool I want. As it is I have to choose "select" when I open a project. I like select to be default because I do a lot of work in staff view, and I select groups of notes to cut and paste, change velocity on, transpose etc. But it's not a big deal. But it seems it would be the logical thing to do.
  10. "Yeah, Windows/Cakewalk do not handle moving USB MIDI devices well." (David Baay). Man is that ever true. Twice I have had to reinstall Windows because I unplugged an external hard drive with windows running (forgot to "safely" eject it). Windows would only tell me there was a problem with a removable device, but there was no way that I could find at least, to fix it, so I had to reinstall. Twice. with all the peripherals and plugins and libraries (not to mention those lovely windows updates), it took me several days each time. You need to be extremely careful unplugging things, at least with Windows 7.
  11. Sigh...I know you said not to explain myself, but I have to correct you: First, I don't use sonar, I use the latest version of CbB. Second, I will not be actually using CbB on a virtual Windows 7 system. I said that I could use it to safely download things on a virtual system, so I can determine if it is safe, before installing it on my real Windows. Which by the way works great. Since I have it optimized, and practically nothing on it but CbB and music related stuff, it is lightening fast and dependable. I might also point out that I only do midi, which makes life a lot easier for me. I'm glad you will not be losing any sleep over my situation. Rest assured I also won't lose any over yours.
  12. Just so you don't lose any sleep over it, I fully intend to keep my windows 7 music computer offline after EOL. In fact, it is offline now by default. I only go online briefly and rarely. I use Linux for routine internet work. I know how to install windows in a virtual system, on Linux, safely sandboxed, so I can download anything I need to, like updates to dongles, VSTs etc. Yes, there are risks that can never be completely minimized. But you can also do everything right (if there is such a thing), and still get slammed. Going online is always dangerous, for all of us. Practicing smart web behavior is the best deterant. Most bad things happen to people because of something they themselves did. Be careful where you go. What you click on. What you download. This alone will prevent the vast majority of malware attacks. I have this on good authority from the experts on Tom's Hardware forum.
  13. Steev, we're all going the way of the dinosaur. It's just that some of us who are a bit closer to that eventuality than others have decided that what they have is good enough. And being lectured to by someone who sees it differently isn't going to change our minds. If you like windows 10, that's cool. If you like staying on the crest of the wave, peering into future, saying "Damn the torpedoes," I'm happy for you. I'm in the lagoon, and the water's fine.
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