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  1. mdiemer

    The Big Question !

    If I'm remembering correctly, it caused distorted playback.
  2. mdiemer

    The Big Question !

    Not enabled, screws things up for me. I don't feel the need for it with an i7 and 32 GB ram.
  3. mdiemer

    Redundant Midi Tracks?

    The reason I use multi-timbral synths is I write for orchestra. As with much of what we do, there usually are many ways to peel the potato. Whatever works is the right way.
  4. mdiemer

    Strange string doubling

    Probably a long shot, but could it have to do with midi echo?
  5. mdiemer

    Not everyone has a Meng looking out for them...

    Predictions in this day and age are risky. I have no idea what the future holds, really. Things change too fast, technology moves too fast. I think we project our hopes more than anything, when we make predictions. So who knows? I'm just grateful we still have cakewalk. But I will make another donation at some point, just to be on the safe side. I hope it's still around another 20 or so years. After that, I'll either be dead, or robots will have taken over the world.
  6. mdiemer

    Not everyone has a Meng looking out for them...

    We need a change in laws regarding software. If you buy something and it's in your computer, you should own it. That's a great point there about the Middle Ages and Serfdom. I understand about piracy, I have no problem with dongles or other ways to authorize. Intellectual property theft is wrong. But this business about renting everything has to stop. Hopefully, this is just a stage in the evolution of the way we use software. That's why open source holds such great promise. People sharing their ideas, improving the tools they use to make music, or art or whatever. The software we use for these things is almost like language itself. you can't license language. At least for now, anyway. there are even disturbing trends regarding free speech in some places.
  7. mdiemer

    Selective Latency On VST Instruments

    The weird thing is, the problem seems to be resolving itself somehow. Now that I think of it, this has happened before. I used to deal it by using the slide or nudge feature, but after awhile I wouldn't need to do it anymore. As if the instruments settled in somehow, or Cakewalk/Sonar mysteriously adjusted. I'm now finding that instruments I had to set back 10-20 values in the timing feature, now are fine at zero or just -5 or so. I have no idea what's going on here. Maybe benevolent gremlins in my computer?
  8. mdiemer

    Not everyone has a Meng looking out for them...

    The future is open-source. someday, probably after I'm dead, people will be making music on Linux for free. The only thing they'll be paying for is the sounds, although many will just use freebies there too. It is in the nature of this stuff that you can't control it. Short of a totalitarian world government, the future will be free, or mostly free.
  9. mdiemer

    How to assign mod wheel & expression pedal

    Yep, that is such a frequent problem that I wonder why it's not that way by default. You actually can change the number in event list by clicking on it (or hitting enter when it's highlighted), and put in the number you want. You also can change the type of event the same way. Change a note event to a controller event, for example. That's why I had you duplicating a note event, so you can then change the duplicated note event to a CC event. then you have a CC event before the note or series of notes you want to be affected by it.
  10. mdiemer

    Are you telling people about CakeWalk by BandLab?

    The main rival then was Prehistoric Tools, I believe. Or maybe, Neandertools.
  11. mdiemer

    How to assign mod wheel & expression pedal

    The way I do it is in Event List. Go to the very first note in the list, hit insert on your keyboard, which will create a duplicate of that note, then change the type of event from note to controller. Put in 7 for volume, and set the value to 100. Then, with your cursor on that event, hit insert again, and this time change the CC7 to CC11. Put in 100 for the value. The CC7 is for a starting value, or modwheel. some people use CC1 for this, it depends on the library. but I have found that 7 works in 90% of cases. The CC11 is for fine adjusting as needed on the fly.
  12. mdiemer

    The Roland Sound Canvas VA (SCVA) Thread

    Sometimes you can get stuff to work as an FX instrument when it won't otherwise. I forget exactly how to do this, but I remember that you have to change a setting. If I figure it out I'll let you know. Edit: Here's my old thread in the old Sonar forum: http://forum.cakewalk.com/SOLVED-Studio-Instruments-How-Do-I-Use-m3744948.aspx
  13. mdiemer

    Upgrading RAM question

    Sometimes it's best to just can the old ram and buy all new, so it's all the same. Definitely no issues to worry about then. but you can certainly augment what you have with something compatible. If Crucial's wizard says it's compatible, then it is, go ahead and buy it. Edit: one caveat, however: if you have two different speeds, the faster one will only run at the speed of the slower one.