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  1. What I do is left-click to highlight, then do whatever operation I need to do. For example, to change the velocity of several notes, I left-click to select the notes (while holding the shift key down, unless they're all in a line), then I hit V on my keyboard (which I have set up as a shortcut for velocity), then make the change. Same for length. I haven't experienced the problem you're talking about.
  2. mdiemer

    Still using SONAR?

    Thanks for the reassurance, Noel.
  3. mdiemer

    Still using SONAR?

    I'm one of those irritating Windows 7 purists, who will do everything in his power to avoid "upgrading" to windows 10. But snarky comments aside, I am running the latest version and it's working well. I upgraded from April 2018, so there was quite a difference, even in the looks (I really love the colors, helps me quickly find, say, the Cinematic Strings violas from the 40-50 midi inst's I have running). I plan to stay with this setup as long as I can. I've said this before, I'm 67 and probably will only be doing this another 10 years. Hopefully my current setup will carry me through. When the devs say "This is the last best updated Windows 7 version of CbB," that will probably be it for me. If I have to fool with the registry to prevent the clock from ticking, so as to avoid the reversion to demo mode, I will do it (thanks to Starship Krupa for that idea). Then again, perhaps Micro$oft will have repented of their monopolistic and manipulative ways, and there will be a new and better Windows, which will not require hours of tinkering to prevent the monetizing and spying which it was designed to do. Or I will have discovered that another DAW will work fine for me on good ol' Windows 7. Reaper was close, but the workflow just wasn't anywhere near to Sonar/Cakewalk's. But for now, things are good. and I still have the 04/2019 version (I saved the download), and even Sonar 8.5, to fall back on. I did contribute to CbB ($25.00) when it first rode in to rescue Sonar, and I consider Noel and the other devs, and of course especially Meng, to be knights in shining armor. And the forum is almost as good as the last one! So many thanks for this great labor of love, which even for Luddites like me is truly a wonder of technological wizardry. May it continue forever. Or at least a long, long time.
  4. Actually, I'm not sure that will do it. Unfortunately I'm not at my music computer to check, but see if there is an option to "bounce to notes." In the same place, top left of track view.
  5. Try highlighting the track, then under "clips" in Track view (at top left) choose bounce to clips.
  6. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    OK, I installed build 79, so far all is well. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I do see some other benefits, like notes being available in staff view for inserting, rather than at the top of the screen, and clicking in staff view to un-highlight things is easier, so I hope I can continue to use this build. It's ah, well built, I would say.
  7. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Thanks Steve, I'll check into that.
  8. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    I am willing to try again. If I download the latest version, will it include the hot fix, or do I have to add that in after? Also, the only enhancement that actually benefited me was the track name being colored. It does help in finding the instruments you want when you have 40-50- midi inst's going. I don't do audio, and I'm guessing that most new features and such are geared toward audio/live users, vocals, etc.
  9. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Well it's eight days later and I had to roll back to the old April 2018 version. I could not open any cakewalk projects, or even Cakewalk alone. Nothing would open. No error messages or any kind of feedback, just nothing happened when I tried to open. I guess I'll continue with the old version, as long as it keeps working.
  10. mdiemer

    Any good reason I have to restart every day?

    I close CbB down every night, but only put my computer to sleep. It opens fast the next day. If I shut my computer down, it takes considerably longer, as I have multiple orchestral libraries. I don't know why you would want to keep CbB projects open overnight. There is no good reason to do that.
  11. mdiemer

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    Uh, someone did buy Cakewalk. They're called Bandlab. you're a bit out of the loop, friend!
  12. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Well, I got curious, decided to see what was up. I downloaded latest Bandlab Assistant, just to see what Cakewalk version would be available, and somehow I installed it. I can tell because there is more color. I was actually using it before I knew I had updated. So far it seems to be running fine. If it continues, so much the better. I always hoped that at Windows 7 EOL in January, that I would have the latest Cakewalk version, to take that into the future as I continue using W7, but offline for safety. We'll see how it goes.
  13. mdiemer


    You might need to select the material first that you want to print. If you're printing from Staff View, just click the tab or tabs on the left of the instruments you want printed. If that doesn't help, try the manual.
  14. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Thanks Jonathon. The problem with the updated version (I forget which one it was but it was quite recent) was that it would simply freeze and I would need to restart. I am aware of W7 EOL in January. I plan to keep my music rig offline after that. I actually do that now, going online only occasionally. I use Linux for everyday web stuff. The only problem will be when I need to download something. I'll just have to risk it. Could do it in virtual box inside Linux, that would be totally safe. Many people plan to stay with W7. And even go online routinely with it. most of security comes down to being careful where you go and what you click. Many folks ares still using XP. Entire businesses! Also, I'm in my late 60's and I probably will only be doing music another 10 years or so. I'll just make do with what I have. The days of keeping up with the Jones's are over for me.
  15. mdiemer

    2019.07 appears to be available

    I don't know if I should try this or not. I'm using an old version, from April 2018. I've updated and found it not to be as stable, so I rolled back. One of my concerns is that, since I plan top stay with Windows 7 forever, newer versions may not work as well, as the devs will no doubt be focusing on Windows 10. Also, I don't know how I would even be able to try it as my version is so old.