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  1. One possibility is that Aria needs to have an initial starting volume. I put in a CC7 volume event at the start, set to 80 or 100, depending on the inst. Other than that, it is probably a routing problem Make sure all inputs and outputs are correct, as well as channels. The Cakewalk settings have to agree with the Aria settings. If your inst is on channel 1 in Cakewalk, make sure it is on channel 1 in Aria.
  2. If you mistakenly hit shift or ctrl (can't remember which,) it will cause all inst's selected to solo. Look up at the top, at the solo and mute buttons. If you have selected to solo all, the lower solo button will be lit. just turn it off. Hopefully it's that simple....
  3. What is the origin of your midi tracks? Are you using a vsti, such as Aria, Play or Kontakt? some libraries may have a "hitch" at the beginning. For example, when I was using Vienna special Edition 1, the first note might not play. In that case, try Bitflipper's suggestion. This can also be corrected by adjusting the timing. for me, it went away when I cross-graded SP1 to the Vienna Synchron version, rather than the Vienna Ensemble Player.
  4. Have you tried System Restore? You should be able to take everything back to before you deleted the files. Make a system image first in case anything goes wrong (although it probably won't - just covering my *****).
  5. Kontakt may not use CC7 for volume by default. Go into the settings, you can change it to CC7, and make other settings as well (keyswitches, articulations).
  6. Let user choose what tool should be default. For example, I use staff view, and the select tool is what I use 90% of the time. I am constantly inserting bogus notes when I open staff view, because the tool is set automatically to draw. It would be nice if I could make select be the default. much better workflow! Thanks, Michael
  7. If you are going to do orchestral music, do yourself a favor and spring for 32 GB ram. I had an outfit called MagicMicro do a build for me (which I am quite happy with), but I went with 16 GB. I had to upgrade it to 32. would have been easier and cheaper to just put it in at the start.
  8. I have done that too, putting an algo reverb like Lexicon on the track, to enhance it a bit. But I'm going to stick with this method for now. Ultimately, I may decide to go with something like Mir from Vienna Instruments. I'm hesitant, though, because then I'd be tempted to redo everything. Again.
  9. Well, this is working out well. There is a spot in my project where there is always distortion. Very loud and many insts. playing. Nothing I did was making any difference. but now that I have switched to just one Spaces reverb instance, using sends, and nothing but two instances of the "Distance" plugin Proximity, I can finally get through that section without distortion. I think I finally have a handle on reverb. Stuff I should have figured out a long time ago. Oh well, better late than never never.
  10. Thanks Colin. I'm referring to the Global On/Off on the Console. Now that I look at it, it resides in the part of the console that is dedicated to Pro channel, so I'm pretty sure it just affects that. There is no effect on my sends if I turn it off, so I'm good there. But in checking this out, I discovered I had fiddled with some EQ on a few tracks, using the Pro channel EQ, and had forgot to turn it off. So some of my instruments weren't sounding right. Mystery now solved, I think.
  11. Will turning it off affect my reverb sends, for example? Does it only affect Pro channel FX?
  12. John, lapasoa and chuckebaby: agree with everything you said. Simplifying things is what I'm all about here. I did this little experiment for comparison only. To see if I could duplicate the default setting of East West's Spaces NWH by using a send, set to -13.9% (the default value for NWH). Then adjust as needed. I don't intend on having a reverb on a synth itself, and then also sending that synth to a reverb bus. I want everything in the same space, thus one reverb bus, with the ability to vary the intensity synth by synth. (By synth I really mean vsti's, like East West, Garritan etc.). So, I'm going with a reverb bus with EW Spaces on it. No extra reverb on the synths themselves, whether a plugin, or by turning on their "native" reverb, which is usually algo, but sometimes convo. I definitely need to keep things as clear and pristine as possible, as I'm doing orchestral music, which by its very nature is already very cluttered in terms of all the sound waves interacting all over the place.
  13. Interesting observation, bvideo. I think I detect that the reverb send-to- bus method may sound a bit drier than having the same reverb on the synth itself, so you may be right, how they each define percentage may be somewhat different. Which supports what Max said, the ear is always the best judge. The reverb thing is something I've been trying to sort out for years. I'm hoping this thread can help me do that. Keep the wisdom coming!
  14. Let's say you route your instruments or synths to an instancs of EW Spaces reverb, NW Hall. you set the wet/dry to 100% wet. You route that to Mix. you create a reverb send for the insts or synths, adjusting the send level. you route the inst./synth to mix. Now, what if you put an instance of Spaces NW Hall on the synth directly, route it to Mix, bypassing the Spaces reverb bus and send as above. This is meant as a comparison. The wet/dry mix on NW Hall is -13.9%. So, I set the send level to -13.9%. Then I compare the two reverb setups, one with a reverb send, the other with the reverb directly on the synth. Should it sound the same? To my ears it does, or pretty darn close. With the send method, you are sending -13.9% of the signal to the bus, which has a 100% wet mix. and it comes out the same as if you had the reverb directly on the synth, with the default setting of -13.9%. Does this make sense? I'm trying to simplify my reverb scheme, to eliminate unnecessary CPU drain, and an overall cleaner routing scheme. Also, to obtain a baseline scale I can use to calibrate different libraries. Thanks, Mike
  15. I think this may be the reason people feel sad about leaving. It is one of the best forums around for music creation/production. Even when I left for awhile to explore Reaper, I was on this forum every day. so many people here have a tremendous store of knowledge, and are willing to share it. not always the case elsewhere.
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