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  1. I agree, Cakewalk's interface lets you customize it any way you want. I pretty much use it exactly as I used Sonar 8.5. I have Track as the main view, maximized. I open Staff and Event view as need with keyboard shortcuts. They are positioned in the clips pane. I go in and out them constantly. I have Mixer nested at the bottom and open it as needed. I also have it nicely framed in the clips pane. I open tempo and meter views as needed. Same with the inspector and browser views, but keep them closed by default. So, my screen looks just like sonar, before the skylight came in. Except it looks much nicer, of course. I color code all the instruments, which may be 70 or so, to improve navigation. I think the bakers have more pressing concerns than a redesign of a GUI that works however you want it to. Like old Sonar, or platinum, or your own personal template.
  2. Yep, that did it. Thanks man! you are amazing.
  3. I have made a custom view for my projects. but I keep hitting the number 3 key, which switches me back to a different view. I do it a lot, since I'm a lousy typist. The problem is, I programmed the E key for Event List, which I use a lot. so, half the time when I try to hit E, I hit 3, and my view gets rearranged. I can't find a way to turn this behavior off in Key Bindings. I checked documentation, and even downloaded "Sharp Keys," a nifty registry program that lets you remap keys. I successfully used it to turn off the caps-lock, another of my clumsy fingers' favorite targets. I was all set to turn off the offending key, until I realized I need that key for other things. It's beginning to drive me nuts. does anyone know of a solution for this torture?
  4. I may have solved this, or at least found one big reason why it's been happening: My large orchestral projects have many instruments, and in the clips pane there are all these white thingies all over the place. I'm not sure what they are, but they go away when I do "bounce to clips." And then the project saves normally. Old thread I know, but I just wanted to tie it up, in case anyone else might have this problem.
  5. I'm intrigued about mixing with headphones, but I worry about what that might do to my ears (which are aging rapidly at this point, like the rest of me). The only decent pair I have are Sennheiser HD 212Pro. I think they have enhanced bass though, so their usefulness for mixing may be limited. Shane mentioned Rin Tin Tin, by which I take it he means Tinnutus. I have that big time, all the time. I have to take anti-inflammatories for arthritis, and also use Tylenol daily, both of which cause that. As does listening with headphones. so I never use them anymore.
  6. you need to set the channel in Kontakt. At least that's what I need to do. In the upper left area as I recall (I'm on my Linux computer so I'm just visualizing it).
  7. I just made a keyboard shortcut (E of cousre). I just hit E and up comes Event List. did one for staff view also (S). Plus, Velocity, Length and Transposition. Shortcuts are great for the workflow.
  8. If I'm starting a brand new project, I start from scratch. most of the time I'm revising older projects, which are already set up in sonar. i just open them in Cakewalk. I've even opened pre-Sonar projects, as well as importing from other DAWS. So it's rare lately that I'm starting from scratch.
  9. If Staff View were actually usable as a notation program, it would make sense to have the draw tool be the default action. But the devs themselves have stated it is more of an editing feature. Staff view is terrible as notation, but great as a midi editing tool. Don't take my word for it; Jerry Gerber has also said so. It makes more sense to let the user decide what shall be the default action. Then people who use it primarily to enter notes can make the draw tool the default. And people who do the bulk of their midi editing in staff view can make the select tool the default. Then it would really be a Smart Tool. If it's an easy fix, they should do it. If not, I understand, they have more pressing concerns. that's all I'm saying. Hopefully the devs care about the people who use their software in ways that others would consider weird, or out of the mainstream. After all, they created Staff View, and gave it its various capabilities. that's what makes Cakewalk so great. It has many ways of doing things. And there are people who use it in ways the majority might consider foreign and therefore not deserving of attention. We all count!
  10. Do you mean save the custom view or workspace? That won't do it. If you mean an overall template, I don't work with templates, I like to be able to set up each project independently.
  11. Right, we want to be able to set it to the default that we want. The Smart tool is one-dimensional, it assumed everyone has the same workflow. Like, "they're in staff view, they want to put notes in." but in staff view you can do much more than that. I do most of my work with the Select tool. After selecting the notes I need to change, I can adjust velocity, transposition and length very quickly. Or copy cut and paste. I do put in notes occasionally. Most of them were put in when I first made the project, using step-record, however, so I only use the draw tool for spot work here and there. for my workflow, the Select tool is definitely the one I want to be default. A smart toll that actually was smart would let me decide the default.
  12. Yes. you're missing that it should allow you to set the default once and for all. So you can get right into your workflow without messing it up right off the bat.
  13. I tried that a long time ago, no it doesn't do anything.
  14. Hear Hear! The "select" tool is my preferred default in staff view, but the "smart" tool is too stupid to know that. so half the time I start working, I put in weird notes, usually two octaves below the staff, which of course I have to erase. Which is giving me ulcers...not how I like to start working...
  15. Thank you for your service, John. Especially in that war.
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