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  1. I posted this by mistake in the Free FX forum, meant it for here: Don't know if folks know about this place, but they have a really nice free clarinet: https://www.fananteampro.com/clarinetica There are some other freebies there too, including some unusual ethnic instruments/synths. some of the stuff costs 20 or 30 dollars, but most is free. Great support, too. I messed up the registration, and they responded to my emails within 5 or 10 minutes. Did somebody mention Free Beer?
  2. But I think I posted in the wrong place. I meant the Free Instruments thread.
  3. Don't know if folks know about this place, but they have a really nice free clarinet: https://www.fananteampro.com/clarinetica There are some other freebies there too, including some unusual ethnic instruments/synths. some of the stuff costs 20 or 30 dollars, but most is free. Great support, too. I messed up the registration, and they responded to my emails within 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. Thanks, something to consider. I've been needing a decent soprano sax for awhile. More feedback on the Fanan site: The Clarinet is definitely free. It's on a par with Garritan clarinets. The Brass inst. is also free, but rather disappointed me. The Accordion, which costs 20.00, is decent, but might take some tweaking to get it to sound the way I want. Their synths allow a good deal of tweaking, fortunately.
  5. I was doing some searching for a good free clarinet vst, and I came across this place: https://www.fananteampro.com The clarinet is very good. and they also have "Folkordion." It looks like it has a Bandoneon (it would probably be the Argentina mode). It costs 20.00, but that 20.00 also gets you access to several more instruments. The clarinet is free, but you need to register it after 30 days, which I believe then costs 20.00. but again, you get several instruments. most seem to be synth-like, but not all. they also have a Royal Pack, which costs 30.00. The clarinet (Clarinetica) and the Folkordion are just 20.00. I'm still not clear on whether the clarinet is free, but I'm going to pay the 20 bucks and get the folkordion as well. Also their brass vst, which has trumpet, trombone, french horn and baritone sax. All for just 20.00. If the quality of the other inst's. is as good as the clarinet, this is a steal. Amazing what's out there.
  6. Of course. Cakewalk does everything you need to do in a DAW. It's also one of the oldest, thus has had a lot of time to be perfected. and the developers are not under market pressure. They're free to continue perfecting it without worrying about the bottom line. And Cakewalk users are among the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to using music creation software.
  7. The learning curve is more difficult with Reaper. It's not as intuitive or user-friendly. I always felt like it was fighting me every step of the way. To me, Cakewalk is a no-brainer. It does everything. It's elegant. and it's free. In my opinion, a newcomer to the world of DAWS would be crazy not to try it first.
  8. You know, after further review, I think the Tango Accordion in Xpand sounds better than Accordion 2 in Dim Pro. It sounds more like a real Bandoneon. It just has more of that nasal, tangy, sort of sinister sound you think of when you think of Tango music. the more I hear it the more I like it!
  9. You know, it's weird, after I purchased it (Xpand), and was figuring out how to download, install, etc., I saw that I had previously created an account, and, lo and behold, I had an Xpand serial number already there, waiting for me. How long it had been there I don't know. But at some point, I was at least in the process of acquiring it. and the price? Around 3.00. So, I must have got it when they were practically giving it away, as you stated. and then, I don't know, I guess I just forgot about it. Maybe that was the last time Windows crashed and I had to reinstall. so, my total outlay was actually about 18.00, plus whatever inflation on the 3.00 had accrued. Anyway, I have it. I did some listening. both versions of the Bandoneon sound like real Bandoneons. The Dim Pro (Accordion 2) does sound better, but probably because the wizards who made Dim Pro enhanced it, as they did all the stuff on there. It's a great synth, as we all know. I then got the idea of trying to identify where NI got their Bandoneon for Bandstand. (Are all these words with "Band" in them confusing you? Then there's Bandcamp. and Bandlab, of course. Why is the universe so confusing?). Anyway, they got it from Sonic Reality. I went to their site, but it's not to be found anywhere. However, in one of their collections, World something, they have Accordion 2. Which could be the same thing that Dim Pro has. I have previously wondered if the two inst's. were in fact the same. they sound very similar. And now it looks like they could in fact be identical. IOW, the Bandoneon in NI Bandstand and the Accordion 2 in Dim Pro may in fact be the same sampled inst. These samples do get around, don't they? On the other hand, the Tango Accordion in Xpand, while sounding very much like a Bandoneon, is, I'm pretty sure, a different inst. So I've solved two problems here. I now have two good Bandoneons, one from Dim Pro, and one from Xpand. Plus I have a decent vintage GM-style VST or Rompler. (I prefer to say VST, Rompler keeps making me think of Romper Room, which I hated as a kid).
  10. I got Xpand!2, definitely worth 15.00. The Tango Accordion is decent. In fact, the whole thing is decent, especially for the money. If I never get Bandstand working again, I now have a reasonable substitute. So mission accomplished there, I have a decent GM set again. I just need to determine which Bandoneon sounds like an actual Bandoneon. The one in Xpand (the Tango Accordion), or the one in Dim Pro (which is Accordion 2). I'm going to do some listening to real Bandoneon recordings. I'm used to the one in Bandstand, and the Dim Pro version is very close to that. But it's possible the one in Xpand is closer to the real sound. Thank you abacab for the suggestion.
  11. I'm sure it would do nicely, but I'm pretty sure it's not free. There is a free demo, but it costs about 60.00 to buy. I think the word "free" refers to the nature of the reed. not the cost of the instrument.
  12. Hey thanks a lot. I couldn't find an inst. list anywhere. I think the Tango Accordion might work. From what I understand, the Bandoneon is the inst. you hear in Tangos. It's also used in French folk music from Quebec, which is what I need it for. (I'm not from Quebec, but I composed a piece about a trip I took there, and included the Bandoneon in a couple places to capture the ambience). I was just looking at Garritan's Ethnic collection. They have one in there, but at 150.00, it's a lot to pay for a Bandoneon. Although it also has recorders, which I occasionally use. But I've been thinking of getting another of their collections, Concert Band, for the saxes. Their stuff is very good, especially the winds and harps.
  13. Thanks. I'll try reading that several times, maybe it will begin to make sense... P.S. OK, I think I get it. Romplers are kind of like VST's, then, right? Like GPO, EWSO, etc. they can play samples but not create new ones?
  14. I've looked at that before, but not lately. I will definitely check it out. Thanks. P.S. Does it have a Bandoneon? Or Accordion?
  15. Only for the occasional odd instrument I don't have in any of my libraries, which are mostly orchestral. Usually I only use such things for "spot" work, but when you need them, you need them. When my copy of NI Bandstand worked, I didn't have a problem. but NI won't let it authorize anymore, they've abandoned it. And since I can't get TTS-1 to work, well, that's the issue, I have no GM set. So I keep searching. I could buy the full version of Kontakt, and it will load and play the Bandstand files. but that costs 400.00. I could buy one of those sample converters and convert Bandstand to a format I can use, but that costs at least 150.00. And I already spent 100.00 years ago for Bandstand. NI wants me to pay 400.00 so I can use a 100.00 library I already paid them for, but they won't let me use...nope, not going to do that.
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