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  1. Yes, I am going back to Sonar 8.5.
  2. Thanks! As always, your help is much appreciated. Another question: How do I close my Bandlab account? I can't find any info on that on the Support site.
  3. Can someone help me sort this out? What is a Cakewalk account? What is a Bandlab Account? What about the command Center? Then there's the forum. When I log in to the forum, have I logged in to Bandlab? Cakewalk? The command Center? I use the same log-in for all three, but are they all connected? Can I opt out of one or more, but still have access to my Cakewalk products on the Command Center? Thanks in advance, Michael
  4. How's it going Jerry, good to hear from you. like Craig A. you're a voice of reason. Yeah, there's been some flaming around here lately. I actually received death-threats because I dared to criticize windows 10. always one or two of those around. I just block them after they get nasty. Me, it looks like I'm headed out of here. I've been experimenting with Sonar 8.5, and it actually is more stable on my system. For instance, the Vienna Synchron Player crashes CbB frequently. If I have didn't just save, I lose work. It never happens on Sonar 8.5. Much more stable, for me at least. I've been customizing it, and while it will never be as pretty as CbB, or as easy on the eyes, I feel it's more than compensated by never having to log in, touch base, phone home or whatever you want to call it. and it will never be cloud-based, integrated into a web-based collaborative app, and will always work on Windows 7. I've enjoyed your contributions (and music), and wish you the best. Thank God this place still has people like you and Craig (many others too, but I'd be here all day...). There are other forums, I'm sure I'll find a new home.
  5. I think I used automation once, several years ago, so that's no problem. The way I work is well, most would call it primitive. The newer features of even Sonar Platinum I have never used, like Melodyne. Don't do audio at all, just midi for orchestral projects. Just a humble hobbyist. The main thing I get out of CbB is the gorgeous GUI, and a modestly faster workflow. I also have noticed that Sonar 8.5 is harder on my eyes, but I may be able to do some customizing to improve things, if I do go back. For example, I changed the background in Event List to a soft color, and also the CC events and notes to different colors. Helps a lot, and I will see if I can make those changes in CbB as well. Next on the agenda is to see if I can save my vsti (in my CbB projects), so I can for example insert Play, and then load a preset for that project. This seems to be necessary as I had to open my current project in safe mode, then add in the vsti. Now that I have adjusted the Plugin Manager, maybe the next project will open, as it should be able to find the vsti. So if I save them maybe the project will just open in sonar 8.5. I should have upgraded to Platinum when I had the chance, but sonar is the most recent version I have. I tried home Studio, but the lack of Staff View doomed that.
  6. 100% success. I loaded Kontakt Player 6 and East West Play 6 in Sonar 8.5.2, and they work fine. Only the VST 2 version works, but that's fine. So all the sounds and vsti from a large orchestral project, using Garritan, EWSO Gold Orchestra, Vienna Special Edition Synchron Version, plus Dim Pro and TTS-1, all work. The project sounds they same in either, and it appears to be quite stable. My work flow is almost exactly the same, as I use CbB exactly how I used Sonar, so going back is nothing new. The GUI isn't as pretty, but I've been customizing it. Conclusion: If I need to go back to Sonar 8.5.2, for whatever reason, I can do it. The main reason I would do this is if it becomes impossible to use CbB on Windows 7 at some point. Or if CbB becomes a cloud-based app, like Bandlab. I know we are told this won't happen, but Bandlab is not Cakewalk as we knew it, they can and will do what they want with Cakewalk. I just want to be prepared. now I can go forth into the future, knowing I can go back to the past if need be. Just call me Dr. Who.
  7. What is the difference between these two types of midi files? I always save as midi1. That gives me all my midi tracks on separate tracks, with all the CC events, velocities etc. Would the midi 1 riff be better in some way?
  8. So far, I have things at 90%. The only thing I may lose is Project Sam's Free Orchestra, which needs Kontakt Player 6 . I haven't yet tried to load KP6 yet, maybe it will work, maybe not. but no great loss as I only found one or two usable sounds from that. And it is more than offset by being able to use TTS-1 again. A couple other things won't load, but I think it's just a matter of getting sonar to recognize them. In short, I now know I can get my projects into Sonar 8.5.2something. so if the day comes that I can no longer or don't want to use CbB anymore, I know I can use Sonar. And not have to downgrade to Windows 10.
  9. i was able to load a project in safe mode. I'll have to add in all the vsti's. Maybe I can save them and just open them up in the Sonar project. At least some of them may let me do that.
  10. OK, so it looks like I don't use them. I'll try loading a project in Safe Mode and see what happens.
  11. Yeah scook, that's what I was just looking at. do aux buses count as Aux tracks?
  12. Thanks scook. Duh, what are patch points and aux tracks? not sure I have any, or am not aware I do, since I don't even know what they are... Edit: Just did a little research. I don't think I use either of them. I do very basic routing. I route to a reverb bus. Other than that, I just route the instruments to the Vsti they play from, and route the Vsti's to the mix bus. That's a s complicated as my routing gets.
  13. Say I wanted to go back to using Sonar 8.5. I would like to know if this possible, in case I can't use CbB anymore, or don't want to. I know I can import the midi, copy all the settings (complicated since I do full orchestra stuff), etc. It would be a lot easier if it would just open. But when I try to open one of my projects which I did in CbB, it doesn't work. Any way to do this?
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