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  1. I would think it would be and issue with my interface. Other than this all started with the last update to cakewalk and it still works fine in Sonar Plat.
  2. Other than installing the latest update nothing have changed. I'm not trying to change the sample rate. Its just changing.
  3. Sonar PLAT working just fine... ASIO driver mode YES APOLLO clock source (Internal) I had a session open i'm working now and during mixdown at about 85% to go it just closed..no error message no nothing. now when I go to open cakewalk back its not finding my apollo.. I'll try reinstalling my driver..seems to be one thing after another
  4. Sample Rate and buffer size changing on the fly and at random. I have a UAD Firewire. Before I start cakewalk its at 44k/512 buffer. I start cakewalk and it changes to 192k/256 buffer. I have to close cakewalk and try again and hope it work. Than when I does start at the right sample rate, the buffer will still drop audio at random and change the buffer of my apollo after. I have to change it back in apollos console settings and start and stop audio playback. ps..the setting in cakewalk are always at 44k Very weird....please help
  5. Just got a new computer windows 10 home and i'm trying to get everything back up and running. I've been having a issue with loading my mono plugins folder. It seems to hang on random plugin. Please help Thanks
  6. thanks for the input..i tried it all. still nothing. its actually worse now. everything i save gets stuck at "Creating UI" when trying to reopen. I can only load in safe mode when disabling all plugins.
  7. yes. after reading this post I updated my bios, video, chipset etc..still same problem. I've been working on a mix and the session I saved sunday will not open. I had to go back to a save from Friday and go from there..I did that last night. now that save will not open today! Dell XPS 8700 /i7-4790 /32gb /GeForce GT 720 /Windows 10 /UAD Firewire
  8. I have the same issue..sucks! someone please help!
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